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Saudi Arabia

Moving To Saudi Arabia

Are you moving to or within the nation or relocating one of your executives to it? If so, you might need the services of quality relocation companies in Saudi Arabia. HelpXpat offers professional immigration services made to accommodate international executives. Over the last six years, our company has been relocating corporate executives and their family members to as well as within the nation. As a professional and responsive team, we always work with sensitivity to and care for our clientele’s requirements. It is among the factors that help us cement ourselves as one of the best relocation companies in Saudi Arabia.

Relocating To Saudi Arabia

Expatriate life in the nation is highly social as other immigrants are quick to develop strong bonds. Weekends tend to be focussed on get-togethers on compounds, Saudi Arabia desert excursions, and diving trips. The parties and camaraderie here are incomparable to anywhere else.

Saudi Arabia Relocation Services

Most expatriates reside in Riyadh and Jeddah, two places with an array of Western facilities, a good choice of accommodation options, and almost all of Saudi Arabia’s employers. Some expatriates may be attracted to lucrative hydrocarbon industry employment opportunities in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

While foreign kids cannot attend Saudi Arabia public schools, the nation has many international schools that serve the global community. The quality of education available at those schools varies, whereas their space tends to be limited because of the high international demand. Therefore, parents have to think about applying at the earliest for admissions for their children to their preferred schools. There can also be high fees. Therefore, expatriates should consider these cost factors when planning on moving to the nation.

As one of the finest relocation companies in Saudi Arabia, we can help you find the best and most affordable educational institutions for your child here. With our Saudi Arabia school search solution, we help clients remove the stress factor in their life with regard to this. We have designed the service around family client requirements; this means whether you move locally, within the nation or abroad seeking international schools, we have got you covered.

Saudi Arabia Home Search Services

Searching for accommodation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia often requires viewing many different locations that may not fit your requirements. Therefore, it is potentially stressful to seek new places of accommodation in the nation. This is where we come into the picture as one of the best relocation companies in Saudi Arabia. Our home scouting consultants have great skills of negotiating and market knowledge that help us assure that all properties fit your requirements. Our consultants also speak Arabic and know the nitty-gritty of the local real estate property market. Therefore, we can help save your money and time in relation to finding new accommodation in Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Al Khobar, Dammam, Taif, Jubail, or Tabuk.

Forms Of Accommodation In The Kingdom

Almost everyone moves to the KSA market on a profitable employment contract with heavily subsidized or free accommodation, utilities and furniture. Conventionally, Saudi Arabia accommodation for expatriates is similar to compound living styles in the West. That said, with high demands for those compounds, more foreign nationals have started to rent housing from Saudi Arabia’s local markets.

It is not easy to navigate the rental marketplaces in the cities of Saudi Arabia. Realtors and landlords may have good English communication skills, but almost every form of documentation is in Arabic. Therefore, expatriates should consider seeking the assistance of their employers, agents or legal professionals at relocation companies in Saudi Arabia.

How To Discover A New Place To Live In KSA

Are you or your employee planning on relocating to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or requiring assistance in finding a home here? If so, remember that HelpXpat simplifies finding the best home that suits client ways of life and budgets as well as negotiating the best lease terms possible. This way, we save the clientele and their employee financial liability, stress and time.

Expatriate Compounds

In the 1980’s, Saudi Arabia created expatriate compounds for foreign nationals to rediscover the democratic freedoms that they were used to under the nation’s conservative Islamic legislation. Complexes come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak, including sprawling villa collections and small sets of houses. Expatriates like how these walled and guarded properties offer a multitude of amenities and keep out Saudi Arabia’s religious police members.

The compounds have between three-star and five-star ratings as well as housing types that come with all the material comforts contributing to physical ease and wellbeing. On-site amenities include tennis courts, swimming pools, shopping centers, bars, restaurants, libraries and schools.

Besides those creature comforts in the independent space, the neighborhoods in Saudi Arabia offer expatriates opportunities to meet and forge relationships with like-minded folks that simplify their transition.

Unfortunately, these are in-demand compounds, which makes it hard to get accommodation in one of them, with long waiting lists and all. Further, finding accommodation and taking residence here requires paying rent a year beforehand.

In a bid to address the issue, expatriates should organize accommodation in Saudi Arabia’s compounds through employment contract negotiations before they come to the nation. A provision for housing is usually stipulated when an expatriate accepts a job here.

Saudi Arabia Rental Agreements

Saudi Arabian tenants usually should pay one-year rental in advance, but it is usually possible to negotiate this. Some compounds in the nation allow expatriates to pay rentals in monthly or bi-annual instalments. With the employer covering the rent, this is usually a non-issue for expatriate employees. If a person signs the rental contract themselves, then they should hire relocation companies in Saudi Arabia or English-speaking real estate lawyers for help with the process. Why? Because Arabic may be the language used in rental agreements, so expatriates may not be able to understand the nuances of the document.

For a foreign national, renting real estate property in the Kingdom requires a residence permit or Iqama. Expatriates may also have to produce a letter that confirms the length of contract and their salary from their Saudi Arabian employer. In certain cases, that employer may have to work in the capacity of a guarantor.

Besides paying the rental upfront, tenants usually have to make refundable deposits that equal their monthly rent amounts. In the case of any property damage, appliance or furniture damage, then the landlord would have the right to withhold that security deposit.

Rental Utilities

Saudi Arabian rental prices usually will factor in basic utilities like water, electricity, gas, telephone line and internet costs. Compound properties in Saudi Arabia will usually factor in services charges like their communal area cleaning and other maintenance activity charges.

Choosing The Right Saudi Arabian School

Expatriates face a variety of challenges when moving to this part of the world. Nevertheless, navigating Saudi Arabia’s education system need not be an excessively complicated part of this relocation process.

Almost every expatriate sends their kids to international schools of private owners; a dearth of spots in these institutions is frequently not their main obstacle. Rather, the frequent obstacle is with regard to choosing between those private schools. The government may put in much effort into confirming local school standards, but most expatriate children attend Saudi Arabia’s international private schools. There are several school options, with those following the British, Baccalaureate, Indian and American curricula.

The cost of education in Saudi Arabia can be high, so expatriates should negotiate tuition and other school fees before signing an agreement or confirm that they are budgeting carefully. Registration fees, tuition fees, uniform costs and excursion expenses can also add up fast, plus expatriates should pay most fees beforehand at the start of the academic year.

Enrolment necessitates planning for a long time since there can be a long waiting list for spots in schools. Some expatriates secure spots for their kids in schools before they sign employment agreements, as some companies also reserve school spaces.

Expatriates can look forward to paying non-refundable school application fees and will have to complete application forms as well as present the health history, earlier school documents and physical examination results of their children. Some schools require letters of recommendation, entrance examinations and language tests.

After enrolment, expatriates may also have to produce immunisation records, photographs, plus copies of passport and residence permits. Saudi Arabia’s school terms start in September first week and complete in July the next year, with breaks between these periods.

Saudi Arabian Visas

There are excellent infrastructure and all the other facilities in Saudi Arabia for today’s travelers. Like any other nation, visitors must get to know basic travel information to cause their stay in Saudi Arabia to be maximum pleasant. Every Saudi Arabia visitor requires a visa that is pertinent to their purpose of stay, whether it is tourist, work, residence, business or short-stay. You can obtain it from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia’s Visa Section or a Saudi Arabian Consulate in your city. As one of the best relocation companies in Saudi Arabia, we can also help you get a visa for the Kingdom.

Business Visa For The Kingdom

Saudi Arabia makes numerous visa options available to foreign nationals, such as family visit and government visit visa types. Business visas come under the category of a visitor visa, which requires an official invitation from a company or individual sponsor. Proof of that invitation should be produced as a letter that is certified by Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry and Chamber of Commerce.

Work Visa For The Kingdom

If an individual plans on working in the country, they should submit an application for a Saudi work visa. Their employment contract has to come with professional or academic credential documentation and comprehensive medical exam results. The applicant should present the documents to the consulate or embassy in their native nation or immigration authorities in the Kingdom through their sponsor. The nation will issue this visa with two-year validity, and there will be an application fee whenever it is reissued.

Police Clearance Certificates For Expats In Saudi Arabia

The certificate shows whether the applicant has any criminal record and is required when submitting a visa application. The government agency or police department of a nation will issue the document enumerating any criminal record of the visa applicant. An arrest, potential criminal proceedings and conviction are some of the records.

Saudi Arabia Relocation Agencies

HelpXpat specializes in assisting people in moving to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and strives to free workers from the potential issues during relocation. We provide a wide variety of services and support in all aspects of the relocation process, from visa struggles to work permits to transportation to home searching. Relocating with no assistance from immigration specialists can cause some frustration and confusion for you. Our team of immigration experts is here to help you with relocation at any time you want.

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