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Helpxpat is a Leading Relocation Company in the Middle East with a personal touch…

HelpXpat Relocation is an award-winning relocation company headquarters based in UAE and offers a full suite of services for all your relocation needs in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Our Global Relocation service menu has market competitive offerings starting from flight booking, airport transfer, booking temporary accommodation, attestation and legalization, employment visas and PRO Services, preview trips to finding suitable housing, schools, settling in services, moving services, company set up, corporate event management and much more.

Whether find a home, advising on schooling or assisting with Immigration of a company, we handle the tasks with utmost empathy, dedication and support throughout the assignment. We work directly with the relocating family and also alongside HR Managers, providing assistance whenever it is needed and offering a seamless and highly personal service to all involved.

As there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to relocation, each project is tailor-made to the needs of the individual, their family and the company.

Our relocation support extends much beyond the actual relocation period. Our team is here to help during that important settling in period to make sure your move is a success. It’s a unique tried-and-tested approach is proven to deliver.

Your One-Stop Solution for All Your Needs

Be it for flight booking, PRO services, House hunt, or corporate event management, we are you one stop solution for all your needs. With its headquarters in the UAE, HelpXpat Relocation is a multi-award-winning relocation firm that can meet all of your relocation needs. From flight booking, airport transfer, temporary housing booking, attestation and legalisation, employment visas and PRO Services, preview trips to finding suitable housing, schools, settling in services, moving services, company set up, corporate event management, and much more, our global relocation service menu has market-competitive offerings.

We are proud to be know as the best international movers in Dubai. In order to provide our clients with unparalleled competence in international moving and other services, we guarantee professionalism and the highest quality standards.

Why HelpXpat is Known for the Best International Movers

Relocating internationally involves a myriad of challenges – from navigating different customs regulations to ensuring the safe transportation of your belongings across borders. This is where one of the top international movers HelpXpat steps in as a trusted partner in international moving. With a reputation for excellence, HelpXpat has become synonymous with seamless and stress-free global relocations. Here’s why HelpXpat is celebrated for being the best in the business:

  • Unparalleled Expertise

    HelpXpat boasts a team of seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of the intricacies of international moving. Their expertise in logistics, regulations, and destination-specific challenges ensures that every move is executed with precision.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

    HelpXpat understands that every relocation is unique. Their customer-centric approach involves listening to your specific needs and tailoring their services to meet them. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, they prioritize your requirements and concerns.

  • Global Network

    International moving requires a network of reliable partners across the world. HelpXpat has cultivated strong connections with trusted agents and partners worldwide. This network ensures a smooth transition, regardless of your destination.

  • Customized Solutions

    One size does not fit all in international relocations. HelpXpat is known for crafting personalized moving solutions that address the challenges specific to each client’s situation. This tailor-made approach minimizes hiccups and maximizes satisfaction.

  • Attention to Detail

    International moves demand meticulous planning and attention to detail. HelpXpat leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that all aspects of your move are accounted for, from paperwork and documentation to logistics and timing.

Customized International Moving Solutions

No two international moves are alike, which is why HelpXpat takes pride in offering customized solutions that cater to your unique requirements. Here’s how their tailored approach makes all the difference:

  • Comprehensive Assessment

    HelpXpat begins by understanding your needs, timeline, and budget. This assessment forms the foundation for crafting a moving plan that aligns with your preferences.

  • Destination Considerations

    Different countries have varying regulations and customs requirements. HelpXpat’s experts meticulously research and plan for these considerations, ensuring a smooth entry for your belongings.

  • Flexible Services

    Whether you’re moving your household, corporate office, or specialized equipment, HelpXpat has the flexibility to adapt their services to your specific items and circumstances.

  • Packing and Transport

    From packing fragile items securely to choosing the best mode of transport, HelpXpat’s personalized solutions cover every aspect of your move.

  • Timely Delivery

    Timelines are crucial in international moves. HelpXpat’s customized solutions factor in transit times and potential delays, ensuring that your belongings arrive on schedule.

How International Moving Works with HelpXpat

International moving can be complex, but being the the top international movers HelpXpat simplifies the process with a well-defined approach. Here’s an overview of how HelpXpat ensures a smooth transition to your new destination:

  • Consultation

    The journey begins with an in-depth consultation where HelpXpat’s experts understand your needs and discuss the available services.

  • Planning

    A customized moving plan is crafted based on your requirements, considering factors like packing, transport, and delivery timelines.

  • Documentation

    HelpXpat handles the extensive paperwork required for international moves, including customs forms and permits.

  • Packing

    Trained professionals pack your belongings with care, using high-quality materials to ensure their safety during transit.

  • Transport

    Whether by sea, air, or land, HelpXpat selects the most efficient and secure mode of transport for your possessions.

  • Tracking and Communication

    You’re kept informed about the progress of your move, with updates and communication at every stage.

  • Customs Clearance

    HelpXpat manages the complex customs clearance process, ensuring your belongings meet all regulatory requirements.

  • Delivery and Unpacking

    Your belongings are safely delivered to your new location, where HelpXpat’s team can assist with unpacking and setting up.

HelpXpat’s reputation as the best international movers is well-earned. Their customer-centric approach, customized solutions, and well-structured process ensure that your international move is not just a transition, but a smooth and successful journey to a new chapter in your life. With HelpXpat by your side, you can embark on your international adventure with confidence and peace of mind.

Because… we are so much more than just a relocation service!

more than just a relocation company

Our Different approach to Relocation make us the best relocation company in Dubai

  • orientation

    Orientation about the New Place and Preview Trips

    So where do you start? HelpXpat, the leading relocation company will help you to familiarise about the new place and will make you acquainted with the culture,

    lifestyle, work environment, and so on. We will accompany you for preview trips to find the ideal location for accommodation. Accompanied inspection of properties, schools or anything related to moving will be done by us efficiently. The orientation service can be customised as per the diverse requirements of each client.

    You can save a lot of time, stress, and money by spending just one day exploring your new hometown helping you a lot during the relocation time.

    Familiarising with the new location is important to cope up the new surrounding and sudden cultural shock. At HelpXpat, our goal is to make your relocation hassle-free and as smooth as possible. Resettle at your new location without distressing about anything.

    “HelpXpat’s one day of city orientation at the start of the process can save you a lot of time, expense an stress further down the relocation process”


  • home search

    Find a home, How we do it?

    Find a new home is very personal thing. We know you are busy, so the way we design our home search model is to make your experience as time and stress free as possible.

    It’s as simple and unique approach and we do the running around part and leaving you free to focus what’s important to you !

    According to your budget, lifestyle and other requirements we will find the property that is most appropriate for you. Having huge network, we are connected with different real estate agents and property owners. We will shortlist the properties according to your preference and will provide information on rent, location details, transportation, hospitals nearby and other local services available in the area.

    Our team will also accompany you to preview the properties. You need not to worry about anything. Along with finding the ideal property we will also take care of the paperwork and other documentation regarding the property. The terms and conditions that is most beneficial for you will be negotiated by us on your behalf.

    We are devoted to help you find the ideal home in the right location at the ideal rental price.

    After choosing the property we will help you with the utilities (including gas, electricity, water connection etc) and moving of your belongings as well. Each and every progress will be informed to the client and suitable action will be taken only after consultation with the client.

    “Helpxpat home search experts find you the right property, in the right location, on the right terms for you”


  • find the right school

    Finding the Right School

    We know that education is of primary importance to each and every child. We are also aware that finding the most suitable school at a new place can be difficult and a cause of concern for many parents.

    As the finest local and international relocation services provider, HelpXpat will tackle this issue.

    We care for our child! So, we want to make sure that your child gets the best. Your child deserves to be welcomed, cared and feel happy in their new school.

    Complete details regarding the different schools including the curriculum, facilities, fees, location, etc. will be provided in detail. The schools that will fit the profile of your child will be narrowed down by us. Our service is also extended to school tours and taking care of the registration and application process.

    “Helpxpat School search experts makes sure your child get the right information, at the right time to choose the right school”


  • visa

    Attestation and Legalization

    Document attestation and legalisation is required for various processes including education, starting a business, getting a job etc. Different certificates such as birth certificate,

    marriage certificate, educational certificates etc. should be attested for different application purposes. Attestation proves the authenticity of the documents. Document attestation and legalisation can be a long process. Having years of experience, HelpXpat the finest relocation company will ensure that everything is submitted on time and each stage of attestation process is monitored properly. All the relevant steps to complete the process on time will be managed by us. We offer a range of attestation services in UAE and across Middle East as well as process various types of governmental documents for various nationalities for Visa and education purpose.

    “You can trust we have the knowledge and the know-how to deal with your documents in the best way possible”


  • visa

    PRO Service and Employment Visa

    Of all the admin that comes with moving to a new country, perhaps the most laborious is securing an employment visa and going through the tedious process.

    We will process your applications hassle free our team will collect and deliver all documents to you after clearing from government departments. Our team will also accompany you for the medical and finger printing and we will also Keeping you in the loop every step of the way. We will also update you with all the latest government initiatives, rules and regulations so you can keep up to date.

    Finally, our renewal reminder service ensures that renewals for everything from company licenses, employment and dependent visas and registrations are completed in time and avoiding any potential penalties.

    “Immigration services is our speciality, it’s what we love to do, which is why we were good at it. So why not let us take the strain for you….”


  • visa

    International Moving Services

    Moving internationally is one of life’s most daunting experiences and the stress can be difficult on your assignees. Starting off on the wrong foot can greatly

    reduce the chance of relocation success, cause delays in the relocation and increase costs. Guiding your assignees on what is within their policy, what supports their needs and what is allowed is built into the process along with high quality packing and shipping services. We offer the best balance of cost and quality to ensure your assignees’ personal items arrive safely over land, air and sea.


    • Needs assessment
    • Home survey (virtual or in person)
    • Household goods pre-move quote
    • Household goods moving and customs documentation assistance
    • Packing and loading of household goods
    • Transportation of household goods
    • Household goods moving customs clearance
    • Delivery of household goods at destination
    • Storage
    • Proactive communication at each check point


    • Live status reporting
    • Exceptions control
    • Escalation management
    • Cost analysis
    • Trend analysis
    • Promotes assignee satisfaction


  • golden visa

    Golden Visa

    Get the DUBAI Golden Visa 10 year residence visas in the UAE Automatically Renewed for you and your family from Helpxpat.

    • Investors : AED 2 million company turnover, AED 2 million Bank Deposit, or 2 – Million Real Estate unit.
    • Managers ( Aed 50 k+)
    • Ph.D. & Masters Degrees holders
    • Engineers, Programmers and Scientists
    • Outstanding students and graduates
    • Humanitarian pioneers
    • Frontline heroes


  • event management

    Event Management

    We are a leading event management company in the United Arab Emirates. Whether you are planning a conference,

    seminar, high-profile product launch, star-studded awards ceremony, corporate family day, staff party or an exhibition, our expert team will step in and create unique themed events and experiences leaving a lasting impression.There may be thousands of ways to promote your company, convention, service or product. However, we are only interested in ONE, to achieve your GOAL.

    We have grown in-step with the UAE’s dynamic market and continue to conceptualize ideas that deliver results and remain memorable.

    We do not just organize an event for you, we make your vision a reality with a creative approach, while keeping in mind the objectives, ideologies, and budget of each event. Every detail, big or small, is important to the success of any event and we take pride in making your event a successful and stress-free one.



If everyone is moving forward together, then success take care of itself.

We are proud to be rated by AI International as the Best Relocation serviceprovider, UAE for the third consecutive year in their 2021 client survey.

HelpXpat Receives Top Level, Commitment to Excellence Platinum Award for EMEA Global relocation Network Conference 2022 at Danbury, USA

Helpxpat Relocation has helped move 1000+ individuals and families move across 100 countries, every year…

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Enjoy seamless relocation with one of the best international movers in Dubai, UAE.

Offering professional relocation services in Dubai, HelpXpat is focused on delivering world-class relocation solutions to both private and corporate sectors across the world. With an extensive network of offices, we are in the position to provide elite level services that are sure to exceed your expectations.

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HelpXpat is committed to giving customers the best customer service experience possible.

  • Best Customer Experience

Without using any outsourcing, our staff members are personally employed and expertly trained to provide a really world-class customer experience.

  • Safe and Stress-Free Move

You will have a stress-free moving experience thanks to the comprehensive licencing of all of our operations and the goods that are in transit.

  • Experienced Teams

The internal workforce at HelpXpat international movers in Dubai has specialised knowledge in freight forwarding and customs clearance.

Our proven Helpxpat process
  1. Legalization of Documents

    If you are looking for a reliable company to hand over your personal documents who will take care of it valuably just like ours, we are here to take care of your legalization and attestation needs.

  2. Visa and work Permit

    If you are struggling to sort out yours and dependent visa and Immigration matters, we are here to assist.

  3. Household Goods Move

    If you are looking for most reliable moving company to take care of your household goods move and personal valuables like ours, we are here to assist.

  4. Orientation Trip

    If you are new to Dubai and an orientation tour will help you to get an overview of the city, understand the practical aspects of living, local amenities overview, we are here to assist.

  1. Home Search

    We all have different requirements and preferences when securing a home that suits your budget and lifestyle, and we are the specialists to take care of.

  2. School Search

    If you are looking for a company who can confidently explain how the education system works and recommend suitable schooling for your children?

  3. Settling Services

    If you are totally tied up at work from day one of moving to the new location, but have to deal with many other administrative and housing related paperwork to ensure your complete settling in services.

  4. Departure Services

    Are you considering leaving UAE and assistance with all your departure services? If you would like to speak to one of our country experts about moving out of UAE please get in touch.

We believe in clients approaching by word of mouth publicity as opposed to marketing as trust is already built.

“A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.”

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HelpXpat is dedicated to providing the highest possible customer service to clients. That is why more than 75% of our clients come via recommendation.

“Happy customers are biggest advocates and can become our most successful sales team.”

Our Awards

Winner of Highly commended award, Global Network Conference, Chicago USA - 2017

Winner of Highly commended award, Global Network Conference, Chicago USA - 2017

Winner of Best International Relocation Services provider by Acquisition International, UK

Winner of Best International Relocation Services provider by Acquisition International, UK

Award of Excellence in Home search services- Corporate Immigration and Relocation Award, 2020

Award of Excellence in Home search services- Corporate Immigration and Relocation Award, 2020

Global network conference chicago usa highly commended

Global network conference chicago usa highly commended

Helpxpat Gold Award, Global Network Conference, USA

Helpxpat Gold Award, Global Network Conference, USA

Immigration Firm of the year : Helpxpat Relocation

Immigration Firm of the year : Helpxpat Relocation

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