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Bahrain is a popular country among the Arab nations as many foreigners are willing to move in for various reasons. The country has many job opportunities in many sectors of the economy and is a great place to live also. If we look into the benefits of relocating to Bahrain, we can see a lot of factors. One of those is the divergent residential options they provide which meets the demands of all social sectors. They have the cheapest rental for apartments among the GCC states. Currently, the government has allowed foreign real estate investors to purchase properties in Bahrain.

Another factor is the low cost of living. All the substantial commodities have low prices and the cost of basic services such as water, electricity, internet etc is also relatively low to make a better living in Bahrain. Bahrain has got best vacation spots and recreational facilities to spend nice time with famly and friends.

Bahrain is the favorite country for expats. The country is top in the list that foreigners prefer to live in because of its lifestyle, the weather, its privileged location and its friendly people. Most of the job sectors offer high salary and best working environment so that expats find the country suitable to work and live in. Moreover there is no income tax system in Bahrain.

Things to do before relocating to Bahrain

Whether you are moving for a job, or for living, you need to prepare your best before relocating to a certain country. Find out here about our thoughts regarding relocation to Bahrain.

• If you are relocating to Bahrain for job, you need sponsorship and job offer for applying for a work visa. To apply for a work visa, get your,

        • Visa application form
        • Passport
        • passport size photograph
        • Sponsorship letter
        • Contract copy
        • Authorized Health record
        • Application fee

• Apply for job vacancies to companies in Bahrain through agencies. You can also look for international job fairs from your country or find jobs online to find your work in Bahrain.

• Foreigners need a visa to visit Bahrain except citizens of Arab neighboring states. For Tourist visas, apply at the Bahrain Embassy in your home country. If you need a residence or work visa, your sponsor in Bahrain such as the company who offered you the job should apply for it.

• To obtain a residency permit, foreigners need employment visas. The application will be forwarded by the sponsoring company for getting work permit from the Ministry of Labour. There must also be a No Objection Certificate from the Immigration department.

• If you obtain a work visa, you can also apply for a family visa.

What does Helpxpat offer for relocation to Bahrain?

We are a team of international movers Bahrain, offering professional immigration and relocation solutions that can fit in with the requirements of global executives. Helpxat provides complete relocation services to Bahrain, home search services, finding accommodations, choosing the best educational institution for your children, providing assistance to receive police clearance certificates for expats, arranging Bahrain VIP causeway pass for employees in Saudi Arabia etc.

We are happy to offer a helping hand for all your relocation requirements and promising a great customer service throughout the process. Contact our friendly team today to request a moving quote tailor to your specific moving needs. Visit Helpxpat website to know about our other services.

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