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We Help you Relocating to Dubai from UK

How To Relocate To Dubai

When you relocate yourself or one of your executives to Dubai City or within it, you should seek the services of a professional relocator. HelpXpat offers professional immigration and relocation solutions that can fit in with the requirements of global executives.

Over the last many years, corporate executives have been relocating to Dubai from UK and other nations smoothly and successfully with our help. We are professional and responsive as well as work with sensitivity and care for our client requirements. We feel that it is imperative to treat clients thus, especially for one of the best international movers UK to Dubai service providers.

Relocating Solutions In Dubai City

Moving to an entirely new place is no mean task, particularly when your family is part of the process. Relocating to a new nation and getting adjusted to new life there results in a physical and mental upheaval that you should address with the assistance and guidance of your loved ones and companies providing relocation services. We are one of those companies acting as a team of international movers UK to Dubai city too.

Home Search Services In Dubai

It is potentially stressful, confusing and time-consuming to search for new pieces of property in Dubai city. You may need to search for it when relocating to Dubai from UK or some other nation. The process also tends to require viewing many properties that may not satisfy your needs. HelpXpat can make the process easier while assuring that all properties suit your requirements. Our home search consultants have many skills with regard to negotiation and much market knowledge. A safer bet is to seek the assistance of a GCC relocation expert who not only speaks the local language but also understand the ins and outs of Dubai’s real estate market.

When relocating to Dubai from UK or elsewhere, you will have many options for accommodation here. Dubai is popular for its ultra-modern and luxurious architecture. While a villa can be costly, it is possible for you to find it here.

Accommodation Options In Dubai City

As a team of international movers UK to Dubai, we know that the city has several options with regard to accommodation. You can discover unfurnished and furnished places of accommodation in the GCC, with prices that differ according to the specific type and location. Some areas in the GCC are considered to be more upmarket locations than others, like areas along Palm Jumeirah, New Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach, or Dubai Marina. 

You can discover flats in a variety of modern buildings in the GCC, including high-rises. These buildings usually have balconies but not a garden. In the event you want to possess a residence with a garden, then you may check out Dubai’s free-standing villas or townhouses. As international movers UK to Dubai service providers, we can help you with this process of scouting around for accommodation. 

You will need to think about the factors that can dictate your standard of health and happiness in the GCC. One of those factors is how far your future place of accommodation will be from your place of work, which can affect your regular commute time. If you relocate to Dubai with your family, then you may have to consider how proximate educational facilities and other GCC facilities are to that building.

How To Discover A Home Here In Dubai City

Is your employee relocating to GCC and in need of help to discover a place of accommodation? If so, remember that our consultants can simplify finding the best one for that person in terms of factors including lifestyle and budget. We can help you with negotiating the best lease terms possible, thereby saving you and your employee time, stress and financial liability.


Usually, the lease is set for a one-year period but can be renewed. Usually, the rent should be paid for that whole period beforehand. Utilities like electricity and water are not typically part of the rental amount. In certain situations, you will need to spend on the maintenance of the backyard or garden too. It is advisable to look at all those utility costs besides the rental amount.

Picking An Appropriate School In The City Of Dubai

 Another major consideration is about choosing an educational institution here. It is a decision that several parents grapple with. This is where we will enter the picture. As an experienced company acting as an international movers UK to Dubai service team, we can make the process easier for you.

The further education of your child will play a part in their future success in life. At HelpXpat, we offer a school search service that can help the relocating employees to meet their children’s schooling requirements. Besides, we can coordinate a school tour, elucidate test and interview-related requirements, and help with the processes of applying for and enrolling in a new school. 

Finding A New School In The City

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority is a government organization in Dubai that not only licenses but also oversees public and private education here. Since the year 2008, the KHDA division Dubai School Inspections Bureau has been offering a comprehensive analysis of each local school’s performance. The KHDA’s inspection reports categorize schools into unsatisfactory, acceptable, good and outstanding on the basis of many key indicators. Therefore, the reports are a good resource to begin researching potential school options. When visiting a specific school, ask for any accreditation report so that you can understand how good the institution and its existing curriculum are as well.

Visa And Immigration Services In Dubai

Your company or you may need immigration services when planning to move to the GCC. So, at that time, consider contacting us for the services. You will also find the following information useful when starting your relocation process.

Whether you wish to work in the GCC or just visit the nation, there are several visa options available that may be suitable for your travel plan. While the GCC issues several other forms of visas, we will discuss the most prevalent ones with you.

Have A Free Estimate From HelpXpat Today, And Save Money On Your Relocation Cost Across The World

Choosing a trustworthy moving company like HelpXpat allows saving money and time while ensuring a relocation experience free of hassles. Every partner of HelpXpat is a certified member of OMNI, LACMA, IAM, FIDI or FEDEMAC. We are your trusted movers that can ensure that all aspects of your residential relocation are stress-free and seamless across the world.

Dubai Relocation Agencies

HelpXpat specializes in helping individuals relocate as well as tries to free employees from the problems that happen when relocating to Dubai from UK or elsewhere. We offer an array of services as well as can aid you in relocation aspects, including visa struggles, work permits, transport, plus finding schooling and housing. Thus, we can get you settled into the City of Dubai very fast.

International Movers UK to Dubai


Yes. Corporate executives have been relocating to Dubai from the UK and other countries effectively and smoothly with our assistance for many years. We work with compassion and consideration for the needs of our clients, as well as professionalism and responsiveness. We believe that treating customers in this way is essential, especially by being one of the top international movers UK to Dubai.

For anyone moving to Dubai, the most crucial advice is to leave all biases at home. Only if you let go of your preconceived notions of the emirate will you be prepared to dive into the thrilling adventure that is living in Dubai. The city of Dubai is unlike any other in the world; it is teeming with life, energy, and surprises around every turn. Seek help from the best international movers UK to Dubai.

Dubai offers a unique and diverse way of living. If you compare the minimum living standard or lifestyle of this region with other rapidly developing economies throughout the world, you will discover that it is constantly improving and at a faster rate.

If you visit the UK more than 183 days in a tax year, for example, you may live overseas and still be considered a resident of the UK for tax purposes. Pay taxes in the usual manner on your earnings and gains from the sale of assets (like shares). Taxes are typically due on your worldwide income as well.

HelpXpat specialises in assisting people with relocation and works to relieve employees of the issues that arise while relocating to Dubai from the UK or abroad. We provide a wide range of services and can help you with all elements of relocating, including difficulties with visas, work permits, transportation, as well as locating schools and accommodation. Contact us today to know more about the residency visa and work permits.

For eight months out of the year, the emirate has the ideal climate. Long, hot days are characterised by clear, blue skies, which are complemented by lovely, warm seawaters. The social aspect of life is wonderful and varied.

Being one of the best international movers UK to Dubai, we provide a wide range of services and can help you with the moving process as well as with obtaining visas, work permits, transportation, housing, and educational opportunities.

If your business or you are moving to the GCC, immigration services may be required. Consider reaching out to us for the services at that time. When beginning your move, you will also find the following information to be helpful.
There are a number of visa alternatives available, some of which may be appropriate for your trip itinerary, whether you want to work in the GCC or are simply visiting the country. The GCC also grants a number of different types of visas, but we’ll focus on the most common ones here.

Yes we do. Being among the top international movers UK to Dubai, our specialists can make it easier for you to choose the ideal option for your lifestyle and budget. You and your employee can save time, stress, and money by having our assistance in obtaining the finest lease terms.

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