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Living Expenses and Moving Advices for People Relocating to Singapore

Even though roughly half of those moving here have previously lived abroad, a lot of people still need moving tips for Singapore. Ex-pats relocate here to grow professionally and get significant salaries that goes along with the high cost of living in the Lion City. With the help of relocation companies in Singapore, you can easily relocate to Singapore. This blog will provide professional guidance on what you need to relocate to Singapore, whether this applies to you or you are relocating to the country for the first time.

Before relocating to Singapore, there are a couple of things to be aware of that will make it much easier for you to settle in. Our cultural knowledge can help you comprehend the dialects used in the city-state as well as social customs and the general advantages of relocating to Singapore.

Singapore and Pets

Singapore has a list of prohibited breeds, so beware. Pit Bulls, Akitas, and other (typically huge) dog breeds are prohibited, as well as first to fourth-generation Bengal or Savannah cats.

If you’re thinking about moving to Singapore with your pet(s), you can bring them as long as they’re in good health and condition. However, before relocating your pet to Singapore, the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) of the city-state urges that you keep in mind your pet’s age, health, and capacity for stress and how it would affect them. You should also think about how well-suited your pet will be to the tropical climate.

Household items for shipping and moving

How to carry home goods and possessions when relocating overseas is a subject our relocation specialists frequently address. The solution is straightforward: for a hassle-free trip to Singapore, employ our moving and shipping services. Our professionals connect you with the top service providers in Singapore and your home country as they walk you through the process step by step.

Renting a car to transport your items to Singapore is a possibility but is impossible for the majority of ex-pats. Flying your things can quickly add up in cost, especially larger furniture pieces that are more difficult to transport in cargo.

The most practical and dependable choice for ex-pats is to ship large items like furniture and household goods to Singapore. Shipping is the best option because it is less expensive than air freight and less complicated to plan than ground freight.

  1. Select a reputable business

Make sure you pick a business based on quality rather than just pricing. Ex-patriate horror stories frequently mention businesses providing a lower quote to win your business before raising the price by adding costs for extras that weren’t disclosed until after your relocation had started.

Spend a lot of time investigating the shipping firm you intend to utilize. Just as not all relocation firms are accustomed to handling smaller, speedier goods moving for people, not all goods shipment companies are specialized for relocations. Look up recent reviews and endorsements, and evaluate various businesses.

  1. Choose your service

You may be able to choose from a variety of services from the firm you choose. For example, you might decide to rent a cargo container for your sole use. If you select this option, the service might recommend a home survey, during which a representative will come to your home to assess the quantity and size of your belongings.

  1. Give them details

The shipping provider will require precise information regarding the destination of your products. Also, they’ll need certain dates so they can create a timeline. You will need to either acquire a home in advance or prepare a storage facility in Singapore for your belongings to do this.

  1. Organize, Send, and Receive

The majority of businesses will require you to have packed your stuff securely and safely for transit, even though some will offer goods packaging service. This should be completed with plenty of time left over for the collection. To avoid any breakages, we advise carefully protecting everything before packaging.

After your products are on their way, all you have to do is fly to Singapore and wait to hear that everything has successfully passed customs.

Things to pack when you are moving to Singapore

Whatever type of furniture and cooking equipment you require should be simple to find in Singapore: IKEA has two locations in the city and state, Amazon offers delivery to the entire country, and the city is home to other furniture retailers.

Singapore also has a tropical climate that is warm all year round. There is no need to bring bulky blankets and cold clothes.

Singapore Customs Rules

Most home items that you’ve had for more than three months and are moving to Singapore will pass through customs without any problems. The rules for customs apply to both maritime and airport cargo. You risk experiencing protracted delays in receiving your items or possibly having them destroyed if you do not abide by Singapore customs procedures and limitations.

Goods and Services Tax must be paid while bringing your domestic goods into Singapore (GST). To be exempt from this tax, ex-pats must migrate to Singapore or change their residence there using a Customs In-Non-Payment (GST Relief) form.

Criteria for Relief

The owner must show they have used the household items for at least three months to qualify for relief. They must also import the items within six months of arriving in Singapore and must wait three months before disposing of them.

You need to pay GST on alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, motor cars, and other things including private aircraft and vessels. You can pick up your items from the PSA Port area.

How can Help Xpat assist you?

If you are looking for relocation services in Singapore, Help Xpat is the right service provider for you. We are the one-stop solution for all your relocation needs. Right from processing your visa to orientation classes to helping you find the best budget apartments in Singapore, we will handle everything. We also take care of pet transfers to a different country and make sure that your household goods reach your new home.

We are one of the best international relocation companies in Singapore because we can help people with all the formalities needed to relocate or relocate from Singapore. Our packages are personalized and can be customized as per your preferences.

Want to know more? Feel free to call us at the International Call center Number – 00971528102947 or the Toll-free Number inside Singapore – 00971525026611.


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