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Expat Essentials: Building Connections and Community in Singapore

Singapore is a South East Asian island country which is known for its flourishing economy and skyscrapers. For this same reason, this country offers a haven for expats with talent and motivation. 

Data from its National Population and Talent Division shows that foreign employment growth in Singapore from June 2022 to June 2023 has resulted in its non-resident population increasing by 13.1 percent on a year-on-year basis. The above data proves the flourishing presence of an expat community in Singapore. 

In your relocation to this country with the help of relocation services Singapore you might be worried about connecting with this community. For your relief here are some tips to build connections. These are effective in that many expats agree with them.

Joining Expat Associations and Clubs

In Singapore, you will come across active clubs such as the American Association of Singapore or the British Club. Joining such associations is a route to connect with your home country’s diaspora. Relocation companies in Singapore often conduct online campaigns associating with these clubs. You can utilize such opportunities to make contact with them.

Another unique feature of the Singapore community is that common interests connect people. You can search for communities that share common interests and join in activities with them. For example, if you are fond of cycling see if there are any cycling enthusiasts nearby. They likely engage in activities regularly. Join them and make your move to build connections.
Some of these clubs and communities may charge a maintenance fee. 

Networking in Professional Circles

Best international relocation companies in Singapore have witnessed the growing role of online professional circles like LinkedIn in fostering expat community building.
You can find alumni from your Alma matter as an already established expat in Singapore. Reach out to them for interactions. If you are interested in building a career in their respective field try sending professional direct messages expressing your interest.
These are some options you can try out using online professional circles. 

Why not Singaporeans?

In making connections you don’t need to stick on to people from your own country. Singaporeans are indeed friendly and offer warm gestures.
Their mother tongue is usually Malay. But English is quite popular and acts as a channel for communication between expats and natives. So you can confidently approach them for social interactions.

Other tips for community building

It is your mentality for communication that results in building connections. Always try to show up at gatherings and interact with new people to make a network of connections. You may not be an extrovert. Remember that even introverts build connections at their own pace. 

Volunteering for social work which aligns with your values is another effort that will blend you with the native community.

Trying to know more about the culture and traditions of the host country will help you to be a part of the larger community that is Singapore. 

Relocation services Singapore often provide cues to build upon for better connections in Singapore.
A reliable partner who provides relocation services Singapore is necessary in this light. Helpxpat providing a spectrum of service in relocation can help you figure these nuances in moving out to a new country like Singapore. We are here to support you through your journey into a prosperous life in Singapore.


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