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Shipping and Customs: Tips for Bringing Your Belongings to Russia

Moving to another country accompanies the trouble of taking your belongings to that country. You may have to carry money, food items or any other items which will be required on your life abroad. Sometimes if you wish to settle in that country you may bring more belongings along with you. You can’t leave those things unattended on the instances of a lack of caretaker who is trustworthy. This is when you require the support of international moving companies in Russia to assist you in sorting out such dilemmas regarding baggage. You must be able to take an informed choice regarding what to bring and what not to bring in your journey based on the rules and taxation schemes of the host country. Relocation companies in Russia offers assistance in handling such affairs. While you can go for professional assistance there are some tips with which you can handle simple tasks at hand, says moving companies Russia.

Here is a few tips you can try to work on for bringing your belongings to Russia:

Navigating Russian Customs regulations

While it is okay to bring money in your ATM cards, bringing money and travellers cheque over 10000 US Dollar requires declarations from your part. This is to ensure that you don’t take any Russian money on your way back, says international moving companies in Russia. Bringing alcohol, tobacco and plant products also have customs regulations which mandates that if you bring more than the specified value you will have to pay tax. 3 litres of alcohol, 250 grams of tobacco and 5kg of plant products and animal products are the usual limits. However the concerned authority can restrict the shipping of plant and animal products from certain countries. Please contact with the relocation companies in Russia who can provide you with accurate and updated information on the restrictions on bringing your belongings to Russia, at the moment.

Choosing the right shipping methods

Whatever be the shipping method adopted make sure that it helps to deliver your items safely within your required timeframe. You can opt for either air freight or sea freight. When it comes to carrying items of personal use there are different restrictions depending on the way you opt for travelling. For example if you bring your items via air the limit for your personal belongings is a weight below 50kg. If it is through land your limit will shrink to 25kg. There are also limitations based on the total value of the goods carried, the breaking of which will require you to declare items and pay tax, says moving companies Russia.

Dealing with customs documentation

Other than making appropriate plans according to customs rule taking your belongings to Russia might involve paper works like the customs declaration forms. This is mostly applicable when you breach the specified limits as mentioned above, says leading international moving companies in Russia.

Prohibited items

This is something often ignored by people on taking their belongings to Russia. International moving companies in Russia suggest to take a note on the restricted items from your relocation companies in Russia before making your moves. While there are restricted items, there are also items like guns, strong medicines, diamonds, plants, animals and vehicles which require permission that requires a certificate to prove its legitimacy, in order to carry them in to Russia. Reach out to your moving companies Russia to get the updated list of such items which require paper works.

With these few things in mind you can take charge of your belongings without the help of an outsider. This may be true as far as you are able to adhere with the regulations in Russia. Sticking on to proper paper works and regulations may require the support of an expert who can walk you through the procedures smoothly. This is where the relevance of leading international moving companies in Russia like Helpxpat comes to play.                                                                                    


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