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Pet-Friendly Jordan: Tips for Bringing and Caring for Your Pets During Relocation

Pets are like family and most people would like to take them wherever they go. Unfortunately all the places that you visit might not be pet friendly. What about taking them abroad? There are countries that restrict pets and others who restrict specific breeds of pets. This might appear unfair for many. The pain of leaving their pets with neighbours or with any pet hostels even for a short duration might appear painful for certain pet lovers.

What about a journey with your pets to Jordan? Do you think that pets are admitted to this country?

Fortunately for you Jordan is a pet friendly country which allows your pets without banning any particular breed. This is confirmed by best relocation companies in Jordan. Are you thinking about relocating to Jordan? Here is a list of things which you can use as a checklist while bringing pets to Jordan:

Pet Import regulations: Relocation services Jordan emphasis on the importance of adhering to regulations regarding vaccination and licensing. The regulations ranges from fixing ISO compliant microchips on your pet to the required vaccinations including anti rabbis vaccines. One point to be remembered about anti rabbis vaccines is in the time period within which it should be taken. International movers Jordan confirms that anti rabbis vaccines taken 30 days to 12 months prior to date of entry is a mandatory condition for entry in to Jordan. Best relocation companies in Jordan also refers to requisite vaccines particularly applicable to cats or dogs. Make sure to contact your relocation services Jordan to be informed of the required vaccines in advance. Also note that if your pet is supposed to enter through air cargo, import license, certificate of origin and a permission to home quarantine them should be arranged well before boarding your flight.

Climate considerations:  International movers Jordan alerts us of the importance of factoring in climatic considerations before taking your pet on board. Even though a licensed veterinarian must give clearance on the health conditions of your pet to travel, always make sure that they are prepared with required amenities for their stay at Jordan. Please consult with your local veterinarian in advance to make proper arrangements, recommends best relocation companies in Jordan who accommodates your pet relocation as well.

Local veterinary clinic and pet insurance:  Best relocation companies in Jordan advices to enquire about the local veterinary clinics and other facilities to ensure the health and wellbeing of your pet. This should be done in advance, for a hospital emergency is likely in the case of pets as in the case of humans. Also pet insurance schemes could be used to leverage the local health infrastructure to take care of your pets.

Community support for pet owners:  Getting in touch with the local community of expatriates who are also pet lovers will help you in fetching the required information that are mentioned above. Not only that, they will be helpful in times of emergency, says best relocation companies in Jordan. These are some tips which are recommended by prominent relocation services Jordan when it comes to taking care of you pets at Jordan. The best international movers Jordan like Helpxpat are consistently working towards easing the complexities of carrying pets to Jordan. You can trust these top level players to commute your pets across boundaries.


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