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Home schooling in France: A Practical Guide for Expatriate Families

Relocating to a new country comes with many challenges for an expatriate. The care and education of their children will be one of such challenges. Your concern regarding the educational system of the host country and the adaptability of your kid with this new system is understandable. If you intent to move to France the educational system in France is pretty adaptable for your children. Adding to the relief of international parent living in France schooling in France is well organized and compulsory for children between age of three and sixteen. Another thing is that the public schools of France offers free education and maintains a quality for which it is enrolled with the most number of children. International moving companies France have also noticed a trend of home schooling in expatriate families. This is a system which has been initiated by the Covid-19 Pandemic which destabilized the working as well as educational patterns across the world.

If you wish to continue this scheme of education for your children in France this practical guide provided by international movers France will be really helpful:

Legal Framework for Home Schooling

Before you go ahead with your kid’s home schooling it is important to know what the law of the land mandates. From a recent update, the authenticity of which is confirmed by relocation companies in France, there is a new law which restricts home schooling unless you prove the legitimacy of your requirement. You might find this odd for until recently the law was liberal towards home schooling and required only a yearly intimation from the part of the parent. This is indeed an amendment which caught even the international moving companies France, who were on their way to prepare expatriates in France for home schooling, off guard. There is still hope for change of rules, for the relevant organizations battle to get this sorted out, says international movers France. Still you can attempt to convince the authorities on your reasons for home schooling.

Support Network and Resources

While you prepare your child for home schooling make sure that you equip them with access to proper resources and networks. Working along with likeminded communities leveraging social media and online networks you can make this literally possible, suggests relocation companies in France.

Cultural Integration through education

International moving companies France warns us of the issues pertaining to cultural integration of children while going for home schooling. Chances are that your kid gets off zoned from the cultural milieu. So most international movers France suggests to integrate the history, arts and culture of France within the syllabus you chose for your children.

Assessment and Evaluation

How will your child knows if he or she is in the right track? An evaluation which aligns with the national educational standards need to be provided for your children. With this in mind connect them with masters who can guide them through the right path.

Extracurricular matters

The monotonous nature of home schooling might affect your kid’s interest in studies. This should be avoided with addition of extracurricular activities along with learning in the home schooling of children. This is an oft emphasised element of home schooling suggested by leading international moving companies FranceTaking these directives as pillars for your kid’s home schooling you can guide them through a unique path of learning, says international movers France. Are you struggling with managing your kid’s education in France, as an expatriate? If you’re looking for the best global relocation partner among many relocation companies in France to assist you solve this crisis none other than Helpxpat will be the best option.


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