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Moving to USA for New Job or Study? What You Need to Know About the Relocation Visa

Congratulations on deciding to immigrate to the United States!

You must be aware of what the immigration procedure entails before you start your journey. You must fulfil a number of conditions, pay certain fees, and have your application approved by the US government in order to settle permanently in the US. Knowing what to expect can help avoid complications and costly mistakes. So getting the right international moving companies in USA is worth it!

You might be relocating for work, family, or educational reasons, or perhaps you’re an international student or it’s just time for a change. Whatever your motivation, moving abroad can seem daunting, but if you follow the straightforward instructions provided in this guide, everything should go without a hitch.

Immigrant vs. Non-Immigrant Visa

To move permanently to the United States, one must receive a green card, also referred to as a “immigrant visa” or “lawful permanent residency.” Unrestricted employment is possible with a green card, which can also be renewed forever. Additionally, it offers a route to US citizenship.

A green card is not available to everyone, and the application process can be costly and time-consuming. Instead, a lot of people use transitory visas to go to the US to visit, work, or study. These visas, which are formally referred to as “non-immigrant visas,” are frequently renewable and valid for many visits, which may enable you to stay in the US for a number of years.

Types of Immigrant Visas

• Family-Based Green Cards

The majority of green cards are given to relatives of present residents and people with green cards. Spouses, widows/widowers, children, parents, and siblings are examples of eligible family members; however, the regulations differ based on whether the sponsor is a citizen of the United States or holds a green card, as well as on how closely related the immigrant is to the sponsor. The qualifications for a family-based green card are detailed below.

International movers USA, HelpXpat aids couples in submitting applications for marriage-based green cards. You can obtain a complete application packet for $995 that has been evaluated by a separate immigration lawyer who also responds to your legal issues.

• Employment Visa

Many immigrants use employment-based green cards to enter the country; these documents are given out in five distinct categories depending on your qualifications or other contributions to the nation.

The first four categories—designated as EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, and EB-4—concentrate on the abilities you bring to the table as an employee. You may need a U.S. company to sponsor your application in some circumstances; in other situations, you may need to provide evidence of exceptional talent or specialised training.

The EB-5 green card is a little different because investors must invest between $500,000 and $1 million to be eligible to receive one. If this is a path you want to take, get legal and financial advice first because the specifics depend on your home country.

• Study and Exchange Visa

One of the most popular places for international students to study is the United States. You need a student visa if you want to attend school in the United States. Depending on the kind of school and programme of study you want to enrol in, you may need a F or M visa.

Non-immigrant visas known as exchange visitor (J) visas are issued to people who have been given permission to take part in exchange visitor programmes in the United States.

Popular Jobs in the USA

The job market in the United States of America is large, and there are several employment prospects. The service sector creates the majority of jobs for Americans and foreigners. In the USA, a few of the most sought-after jobs are:

• Salespersons
• Office clerks
• Cashiers
• General managers
• Fast-food workers
• Registered nurses
• Freight and stock movers
• Secretaries
• Customer service representatives

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Considering moving to the USA? Prepare yourself for an entirely holistic vacation to the USA. Since you will be aware of when and how to begin, we are aware that things may become pretty perplexing when you plan to move.

Being one of the international moving companies in USA, HelpXpat strives to simplify and streamline that process as much as feasible. Pass through all of the immigration criteria without a hitch, breeze through the immigration process, and simply land where you’ve been planned to.


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