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Move Your Family And Pets To The Us: International Moving Guide

You will need to have a thorough understanding of the immigration process before you start your journey towards citizenship with international moving companies in USA. In order to relocate to the United States on a permanent basis, you are required to fulfill a number of prerequisites, pay any fees, and have your application accepted by the federal government.

Moving spouse to US

First, learn how the U.S. government defines a spouse. Legal marriage is required to be a spouse, but common-law spouses may qualify depending on the country’s rules. Even same-sex spouses qualify.

To bring your spouse to the US, perform these steps:

  • Fill out Form I-130, Alien Relative Petition. Where you mail the petition depends on where you live in the US; see the USCIS website.
  • If the petition is authorised, the National Visa Centre (NVC) will provide you with the case number and ask you to choose an agent to receive case updates. You, an attorney, or a case expert can be the agent.
  • Fees for filing the petition, processing the application, and others may apply.
  • Send the relevant documentation, including:
  • Visa application.
  • A spouse support affidavit.
  • Original copies of your marriage certificate, spouse’s birth certificate, passport, and other civil documents. This contains U.S. citizen or permanent resident documents.
  • NVC requires your spouse to have a medical exam with an authorised doctor and submit the papers.
  • After reviewing your documentation, the NVC will organise a spouse interview with the appropriate embassy or consulate.
  • Your spouse must present any missing documents to the interview.

You and your spouse will be notified of visa approval or denial. Your spouse will receive a passport with their immigrant visa and a sealed packet with all application documentation if granted. As per the advice of international moving companies in USA your spouse should not open this package before giving it to immigration when they reach the US.

If your spouse is already in the US, you must submit form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status.

Moving children to US

  • Your biological child, or not. If the child was born out of wedlock, you must prove the relationship according to the child’s state’s laws.
  • Your step-child if you married before 18.
  • Your adopted child if you adopted them before 16 and have had legal and physical possession for two years.

If your child is under 21 or unmarried, follow the same steps as bringing a spouse to the US.

Moving parents to US

US permanent citizens cannot petition to bring their parents to live here. To bring your parents to the U.S., you must become a citizen and be a permanent resident for five years. Once you become an American citizen, you can petition for an immigrant visa for your parents if you meet the conditions, apply, and naturalise.

Moving pets to US

USA tourism and relocation companies in USA have always been among the highest in the world. With many families moving halfway around the world for greater chances, leaving their furry family members behind is impossible.

Pets must meet strict US immigration requirements like humans with the international movers USA. Always make sure your dog has all the vaccines needed for your destination. Have an updated vaccination book and a vet’s letter certifying your pet’s immunisation, deworming, and overseas travel.

You must train your pet in an IATA-accredited crate.

  • USA requires microchipping but not rabies titer testing.
  • You can carry your dog as extra baggage or manifested goods.
  • Travelling requires an Animal Quarantine & Certification Services export permit or ‘certificate of health’.
  • Before entering the US, Rabies and DHPPIL vaccinations must be 30 days old.
  • A US resident with a legitimate US address must claim manifested cargo pets entering the US.

The US does not outlaw breeds, although certain cities do. Check that your pet is not protected under (CITES) if it is not a dog, cat, ferret, turtle, or parrot with international movers USA.

After your family has joined you in the United States, there are a number of other matters that you will need to think about, such as the educational requirements that must be met by your children and the health insurance needs that must be met by the whole family. Also should take care of the requirements of the pet. To get more information, feel free to get in touch with relocation companies in USA on relocating your family and pets to the United States.


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