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Tailoring Your Move to Barcelona’s Varied Landscapes

Spain is the most affordable part of Europe with constant housing prices and manageable living expenses. A place known for its temperate climate and outdoor activities Spain is an alluring destination for tourists around the world. If you have intentions to relocate to Spain, you might already have learned that this is the best place for a retired life. Whatever your reason for relocation, it is also important to know one or two things about the culture of your new place to initiate your blending with that culture.

Barcelona being a Mediterranean city in Spain, is a place which attracts those who wish to have a wonderful life by the excellent beaches and good weather in Europe. The cost of living in this part of Spain is a bit more expensive compared to other parts of the country. Regardless of this people especially tourists are attracted to this Mediterranean city for the reasons mentioned earlier. Relocation services in Spain are generously benefited from these movements.

As you have decided to move to Barcelona here are a few tips to tailor your move accordingly. 

Navigating Urban Complexity

Relocation companies Barcelona often find it difficult to arrange accommodation for their clients. This is because of the increasing expat population in this Spanish city. It is not odd for you to struggle for permanent accommodation. Sometimes this struggle might land you in terrible neighborhoods. A practical solution is to look for temporary accommodation. Temporary means for a few months. In that period, you can roam around the city and identify a peaceful area that is appealing to you. 

The public transport in Barcelona is so efficient that you will find it easy to navigate the urban terrain. 

The people in urban areas might not be as loving as you expect. Understanding this difference will come to your aid in amicably dealing with the natives.

Language and Communication

English is in use around this metropolitan city. This is often a blessing for relocation company in Spain who have comfortably landed their clients in Barcelona.

To survive, you need only English. But to blend with the native culture and tradition you have to learn Spanish and/or Catalan. 

As already mentioned you have a choice. And this choice depends on your preferences.

Economic Considerations

The living expenses in this part of Spain are a bit costlier. But considering the living conditions it is almost cost effective. Communicate with your relocation companies Barcelona to get clarity on expenses. They can provide real-time data from the clientele they have successfully landed and relocated.

Health care

You can choose a public health care infrastructure or private hospitals. Both of them offer advanced services while the public hospitals have a little bit of waiting time. There are options to get subsidized public health care if you are willing to go through some paperwork. Otherwise, you can get the much-advanced solutions of private hospitals using a private insurance card.


If you want to teach your children in English there are reputed international schools in Barcelona. Otherwise, you can let them learn Catalan or Spanish to get enrolled in public schools. 

Pet accessibility

A complete relocation by relocation companies Barcelona includes your pets too. Barcelona, or Spain is a pet-friendly location to relocate. Just like any other country, you have to produce health certificates and pet passports. Your cat or Dog also has to be vaccinated for possible infections as listed by the country. You also have to insert a microchip in your dog or cat. 

Please remember there are some dog breeds enlisted as dangerous by Spanish authorities. If you want to carry them to Spain you must follow the recommended practices and paper works. It is better to consult your relocation services in Spain to gather more information on pet transport.

Make a checklist and include the aforementioned tips in it. Gather additional things to take care of from your relocation company in Spain. Then you are almost set to have a smooth transition into Barcelona.

Relocation companies Barcelona like Helpxpat is all set to provide a comprehensive service. We will take care of each need leaving you to dream about your new life in Spain.


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