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Relocating to Russia? Here’s What You Need to Know

You likely already know that relocating to Russia is a significant issue as a prospective expat. Not only are you leaving your hometown, but you are also about to literally start over on the other side of the world. Being one of the best moving companies Russia, we’ve chosen to put together a few helpful bits of information to make sure you’re well-prepared for relocating abroad.

• The Language

It would be advantageous if you already knew at least the fundamentals of Russian langauge before travelling overseas to Russia. In Russia, whether by employees at a grocery shop or a train ticket office, English is not as frequently spoken.

Russians are known as Slavs, or Slavic People, and the majority of them practise Russian Orthodoxy, a branch of Christianity that makes up around 70% of the country’s population.

• Time Zones

Speaking of which, be mindful of Russia’s 11 time zones to avoid getting lost while touring this perplexing nation. Kaliningrad, which is seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time and distinct from the Russian mainland, is situated in the west between Poland and Lithuania (EST).

Further east in Eastern Russia, 10 time zones away, is Kamchatka, which is 17 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. The good news is that Russia does not observe daylight saving time.

• Living Costs are Lower

Even without accounting for the money you’ll save by forgoing expensive healthcare, Russian living expenses are far lower than what you’re probably accustomed to at home. Everything from food and drink to clothing, public transportation, and home purchases costs almost half as much in Russia.

Rent, which is three times less expensive in Russia, is the one significant exception to this rule. Outstanding. You’ll live in a financial heaven if you can acquire a salary that is about equivalent to what you earned in the US. And even then, you’ll most likely still be in excellent shape. The international moving companies in Russia will provide you with the needed details about this.

• Food is Delicious

Russian cuisine is frequently erroneously portrayed as being heavy and dull, although there is actually a vast variety and flavour in the country’s foods. Try some of the East Coast’s delectable, enormous red king crab, and then try every variation of borscht, a sweet and sour soup made with pork stock and beets.

It is eaten with dried smelt (a type of fish) in Paskov, close to Estonia, with beef, ham, and sausages in Moscow, and with meatballs in Siberia. You may enjoy pelmeni, a staple of Russian cuisine that emerged in the mineral-rich Ural Mountains, wherever in the nation. These delicious dumplings comprise a thin layer of dough with a filling of minced meat, garlic, and onion.

• Captivating Nation

Russia is a lovely country with a staggering array of both natural and man-made sites that are worth visiting. Even more than the US, the nation possesses 30 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Sites.

These wonders vary from the Kremlin, Red Square, and Kizhi Pogost in the west to Kamchatka’s volcanoes and the Wrangel Island Reserve in the east. In addition to numerous endangered bird species, the Reserve is home to polar bears and Pacific walruses. Don’t forget to explore the Western Caucasus and the Virgin Komi Forests. These wilderness areas are incredibly beautiful because they are untouched by humanity.

Move Easily to Russia with HelpXpat

Russia might not seem like the most obvious place for an expat to settle. There are many difficulties, from the harsh weather to the frequently heated political environment. But many foreigners living in Russia, especially those learning Russian, report that the locals there are extraordinarily warm and welcoming. You’ll probably have friends within a few months of moving in who will show you about your new city, invite you to tea, and raise a toast with you at their birthday celebrations.

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