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Comprehensive Moving Timeline: Preparing for the Big Move to Russia

Russia is a vast country to the extent that it has 11 time zones. Famous for its unique etiquette and harsh weather, it’s always recommended to know one or two things about the country as well prepare enough before relocating to Russia, says relocation companies in Russia.

With such intricacies you should not find yourself panic stricken at the last moment when you’re about to make the move.

Moving companies Russia suggests to have a timeline to act upon one or two months before you make your move to relieve yourself from the pressure of making abrupt decisions.

Thinking about where to find the best timeline to stick on to?

Here is a schedule cherry picked from suggestions made by the best international moving companies in Russia, which you can follow before moving to Russia:

  • Checklist 1: Two months to date of move
  • Hire the best among relocation companies in Russia: It is always to book an appointment early. This will also help them to be well prepared. More than that, you might get an early bird offer for relocation. Yes! Planning saves money.
  • Get rid of unnecessary things: Most moving companies Russia often cites instances of unwanted items increasing the relocation costs.  Make sure to sell such items on auction as early as possible. It doesn’t harm even if you give them on charity.

This is also the phase in which you must use sticky notes to create a check list on a conspicuous part of your living room.

  • Checklist 2:  One and half months to go
  • Consult a financial expert on tax management: Even if this cost you a sum it’ll be better to take proper consultations from experts to avoid paying taxes at multiple point of movements, since the tax rules of each countries may vary.

International moving companies in Russia always emphasis on the importance of expert opinion on transcontinental movements.

  • Education of your kid matters: Don’t make delays on informing your kid’s school and the transfer of records for a smooth transfer of your child’s education.
  • Checklist 3: One month to go
  • Get rid of remaining disposables: You might have kept hold of some of those disposables that should have been avoided in the first phase. Now it is time to get rid of them.
  • Start packing: It is better to start packing items which are not often used in advance, advices major relocation companies in Russia. Try getting packing boxes from nearby grocery stores. That’ll save some cost.
  • Controlled shopping:It is suggested by international moving companies in Russia to have a leverage on your shopping to avoid unnecessary baggage.
  •  Checklist 4: 2 weeks to go:
  • Update mailing address: This is when you update your mailing address specifically informing the mailing department on your date of departure. Otherwise the mails that reach the mailing department before the date of your move will get redirected causing unnecessary panic.
  • Pack the rest: Moving companies Russia insist on packing the rest of the items immediately excluding some items which will come handy for use.
  • Notify bank: There are chances of your card getting blocked if you use it on another country without letting your bank know about your relocation, warns relocation companies in Russia.

While this schedule can act as a guideline, always try to stick on to a custom schedule adding and deleting your personal requirements.

Don’t forget to inform your moving companies Russia to make sure that you’re on the same page on relocation.  International moving companies in Russia like Helpxpat will be proactive regarding updating further steps on relocation.


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