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Some Qatar Facts you May Find Interesting

It’s hard to find a better blend of old and new anywhere else in the world than in this country. Qatar respects its history and provides modern services, accommodations, and infrastructure while also welcoming people from all over the world through International moving companies in Qatar.

Qatar is an Islamic state where Islamic customs are strictly observed. There are five separate prayer times throughout the day, although the precise times vary with the position of the sun. So visit Qatar with the help of relocation services Qatar.

Qatar goes all out to make Ramadan a spectacular and joyous time of year for its citizens. The Qataris also associate the 14th of the Hijri calendar, Sha’ban, with Al Naflah. Similarly, individuals prepare traditional dishes like sandwiches and casseroles to give to their neighbours and the less fortunate.

Some facts about Qatar

  • When it comes to air travel, Qatar Airways is without peer.

As a national carrier, Qatar Airways serves both the country’s local and foreign passengers. The airline offers a high-class way to fly. So book your tickets to Qatar with Relocation Services Qatar.

  • Qatar host the 2022 FIFA World Cup for the first time among Arab countries.

The FIFA World Cup is regarded as one of the sport’s most exciting events. In 2022, Qatar will become the first Arab country to hold this major sporting event, which many other nations aspire to do in the years to come.

Not only will it be the smallest country to ever host it, but it will also be the only country to ever keep it during the winter. In a similar vein, this will be the first carbon-free World Cup. Qatar has provided sufficient sponsorship, and the upcoming World Cup promises to be a success.

  • Hamad International Airport is home to a massive teddy bear.

Doha’s Hamad International Airport welcomes visitors with a massive teddy bear in the main terminal. Visitors are impressed by this work of art. This work of art weighs close to 20 tonnes and costs an average of $6.8 million dollars.

  • Qatar Is Officially the World’s Safest Country

In 2020, Qatar will have the distinction of being named the world’s safest country for the third time.

  • Qatar is the world’s second-most-flat country.

You may have observed that the country is relatively flat by now, but you may not have appreciated how flat it actually is. In fact, its highest point is only 338 feet above sea level, making it the world’s second-flattest country. The Maldives are the only place on Earth with a maximum elevation of under six feet. Cyclists and runners will be pleased, but hikers will be disappointed. Get everything you need in Qatar from the International movers Qatar.

  • Al Khor Islanders developed the first purple shellfish dye.

You can kayak through a massive mangrove forest on Al Khor Island, making it one of the most beautiful places in Qatar. The island’s name comes from the fact that it was the first place in the world to create purple shellfish dye, and artefacts dating back to the 2nd millennium BC have been discovered there.

  • The flag of Qatar has a fascinating history.

The flag of Qatar is displayed prominently across Doha, but does anyone know what it represents? Well, we have come to school you. As an introduction, the nine serrated edges represent the incorporation of Qatar as the ninth member of the ‘ Reconciled Emirates’ of the Persian Gulf as part of a treaty with the British in 1916. Pantone 1955 C, often known as Qatar maroon, is a tribute to the country’s historic significance in the purple dye industry on Al Khor Island. The flag is also one of a kind because it is the only one whose width exceeds its height. We already knew we had more than 25 intriguing facts on this topic, but we did state it had a rich past.

  • Doha’s subway system has broken a Guinness record.

The Doha Metro is a cheap and convenient way to get around the city, but did you know it also holds a world record? During its construction, it set a record for the most tunnel-boring machines working on a single project at the same time. Try to repeat that quickly five times.

  • The majority of Qatar’s population was not born in the country.

Another interesting fact about Qatar is that its population is made up of both natives and people from all over the world. After neighbouring Saudi Arabia, this makes the country the second most popular destination worldwide for immigration. Indians, Nepalese, and Pakistanis make up the bulk of the expat community in Qatar.

Get moving on your Qatar vacation plans so you may see all that this Middle Eastern nation has to offer and return home with fascinating tales with International Movers Qatar. You can get assistance with this from International moving companies in Qatar.


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