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Leaving Nothing Behind While Moving- an Expat Guidance

So here comes your turn to move on! But what about your packing? If you’re moving from one place to another, packing might be a dreaded task that is a little confusing and expensive too. In the final stage, you have to kick off the items that you don’t really need. Cut the fear off and let go of these items before bag packing.


You are probably not required to take every item in your closet. Make a checklist of what to take and what not to take. Keep aside unfit dresses, ripped or stained ones. Before bag packing, you can donate or sell useless attires to easily save your space and earn cash.


Books are not compulsory unless you love to read, because books need a lot of space and they might weigh a bit more. Carry a travel-friendly, slight, and easy book, if you can’t get rid of it while travelling. Leave books that you already read. Avoid phone books and textbooks if you are required to take them, go for digital ways. A sticky note or a sentimental book is enough to make your voyage extra special.

Old Furniture

It is the time to leave your old furniture because it might be a bit hard and bulky. Selling Old but expensive furniture will be the best option to save your pocket money or to buy new stuff. Helpxpat, a top international moving company in Qatar, recommends you take advantage of old furniture before you leave the country.


Along with keeping important documents, you should leave unnecessary documents too. Check all paper cuts and leave those that make no sense to carry along. Go for a complete scanning of all the relevant papers and get rid of papers that you do need. Scan all the papers and make sure you are carrying the right one.

Bathroom Items

Check your toiletries and toss unused stuff like empty bottles, expired makeup items, rarely used products, cracked items, and expired medications. Leave old toothbrushes, used razors, and scrubbers, and should buy new ones. It is not good to carry old and unused stuff in your backpack because worse products will be like carrying garbage.


If you might feel difficulty in leaving certain home appliances like a Dryer, washer, refrigerator, etc. check twice if it is necessary for you or not. Leftover or unused appliances make no logic to carry with you because it occupies half of the space in your carriage.


Avoid outdated or past expiration foods by going through your pantry and fridge and throwing away unwanted foods to maintain health throughout your journey. As the best relocation companies in Qatar, we are recommending you take essential and fresh food items like pickles, non-perishable snacks, etc…

So here we are with seven important things that you should take into consideration while leaving the house. I hope this guide might be quite helpful for you. As a top-most relocation company in Qatar, we are recommending you plan wisely in leaving your belongings.


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