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7 Things You Need To Know Before Relocating to Qatar

Qatar is a great location for expats because of its rich culture, historic buildings, and year-round sunshine. According to the 2018 Expat Insider Survey, expatriates, particularly those with families, are becoming more and more interested in living in Qatar.

The country’s and its people’s progressive nature, high standards in healthcare and education, and other factors all contribute to its appeal.

Do you intend to relocate to Qatar? Offering one of the top relocation services Qatar we are here to assist you with that. Continue reading to learn more about moving to Qatar and what to anticipate.

  1. Whatsapp

It won’t take you long to realise that everyone in Qatar uses WhatsApp for communication. Typically, businesses ask that inquiries be made to their WhatsApp accounts. Restaurants advertise a WhatsApp number for delivery of food.

Additionally, WhatsApp makes it incredibly simple to disclose your position if you’ve scheduled a delivery of something. Therefore, you should download WhatsApp before you travel to Qatar. Once you’ve registered, you can quickly change your phone number. It’s free to use.

  1. Food

Since most meals in Qatar must be imported due to its geographic location, they are typically more expensive than in the US and even the UK. This is especially true with international cuisine.

A three-course lunch for two at an ordinary restaurant will normally cost you around QR600 (approximately $165 USD), according to some of the most recent data. McDonald’s meals cost approximately $6.50 USD, which is comparable to what you would pay at home.

  1. Accommodation

The average AirBnB in Qatar costs a staggering $8,000 USD per month, according to Nomadlist. It is possible to find anything on a more limited budget, though. In Doha, you may stay in a 2-star hotel for less than $100 USD per night, and there are several chic hotel accommodations close to the city centre that you can book for approximately 300 QR (around $85).

The international movers Qatar will help you out in finding the ideal accommodation for your stay.

  1. Transportation

Gas is extremely affordable in Qatar, where most people commute by car. In the capital city of Doha and other areas outside of Doha, a one-way fare on public transportation typically costs between 3 and 4 QR (about $1 USD).

Consider signing up for a tour that includes transportation to and from your accommodation if you wish to visit the surrounding areas. You can get to know mor about the transportation when you hire the top relocation services Qatar.

  1. Healthcare

Qatar’s medical infrastructure is very advanced, and the country’s healthcare standards are very high. The nation’s hospitals and clinics, both public and private, are all state-of-the-art, high-tech, and convenient for both locals and foreigners.

Health services supported by public funds are accessible to everyone, regardless of nationality, and everyone is free to use them. The system includes cutting-edge tools and highly qualified professionals working in a network of hospitals and clinics around the country.

  1. Extremely Tolerant

Qatar is an Islamic nation that upholds many ancient traditions while also exhibiting a welcome degree of tolerance. Churches and temples are open to foreign workers in Qatar.

Visitors who are female must dress modestly by covering their shoulders and knees even if they are not required to wear a hijab or an abaya. At the hotel pool, bikinis and beachwear are permitted, but not in public areas.

  1. Taxes

One of the few tax-free nations in the world, Qatar does not currently have a value-added tax (VAT), income tax, capital gains tax, or wealth tax in place. In order to bring its financial system and practises up to par with global financial practises, Qatar is currently working to develop them. Its goals are to stabilise the economy, protect its financial future, and promote economic growth.

Since the taxation system is a crucial component of financial policies in many nations around the world, the Qatari government has now presented new tax legislation in order to accomplish this goal.

Move to Qatar with the Best Services from HelpXpat

Despite being a newcomer to the world tourism scene, a visit to Qatar won’t let you down. There are lots of fantastic experiences, meals, and lessons to be learned. Arrive with an open mind and let this magnificent region’s distinctive sights and sounds welcome you.

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