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Travel Safety Advice For Expats in Oman

Oman is one of the safest countries in the middle eastern region located exactly on the southeastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula with world-class topographical features, valleys, gravel deserts, water pools, and many other attractive spots for exploring. Arabian desserts, Wild Assess, green turtles, dromedaries, date palms, etc make the country even more special and unique. Most of the expats find it easy to live in the city of Oman with non-existence crime rates and diverse working opportunities. Before you go, take a look at this guide to know some travel safety advice for expats in Oman and learn how to reside safely in Oman. As the top-most relocation companies in Oman, we know the importance of travel safety measures!

Is Oman Safe for Expats?

Oman is one of the safest countries in the world with strong moral values, religious faith, and a legal code. The country is strictly against brutal crimes, The people who did it will be severely punished by the concerned authority. Oman ensures harmless working conditions to build a peaceful environment. Petty crimes involved by physical assaults, rape, and camping in isolated locations will be reported, and take appropriate action. Before you move, make sure you are floating to the safest place and be aware of your beloved ones. Avoid walking alone during the night time and you should reserve a taxi to avoid such insecurity risks.

Travel Laws

Oman is an Arabian country formed in the Arabian Peninsula, if you want to explore the real beauty of Oman you should know certain travel rules. As an orthodox Islamic country, the natives and expats should dress up in respect of their local rules and culture to travel along various areas in Oman. During the month of Ramadan, everyone particularly should follow up Islamic patterns as it is a part of their culture.


Popular terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and Daesh-affiliated groups operate more in the Arabian Peninsula where they have a number of records of terrorist attacks frequently occurring in each corner of the Gulf countries. In comparison to other Gulf states, Oman has very low records of terrorism.


Sometimes you might experience political tensions which are common in the borders of Saudi Arabia and Yemen, avoid travelling while ongoing conflicts happen in the borders. Always keep a distance from large gatherings and demonstrations. The non-interventionists attitude of Oman ensures more stability in the country with high-end security concerns.


Oman possesses a big no to drugs, so there will be zero acceptance of drugs in Oman. A person who violates such rules will be severely punished including the death penalty. A drop of drugs is enough to spend a year of your life in Prison.

Always be aware of your surroundings and strangers who are trying to mingle with you. Try to avoid situations like big gatherings and family get together to maintain a peaceful situation everywhere. Oman always upholds a diplomatic role with a non-interventionists attitude to violence. Being the best relocation companies in Oman, we are here to ensure the utmost safety of expats. We are hoping for a safe journey for you without any kind of insecurities.


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