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The Top 5 Types of Ex-pat Help For Your Global Workforce

This is important to note because the HR assistant holds a comparable position. Even if you aren’t moving abroad, you still need to understand the needs of the ex-pat in order to meet their needs. Your role is to make each international assignment a success, but what kind of ex-pat support do they actually need? If you are looking for top international moving companies, then we are here for you. That said, here are the top 5 ways you can help your ex-pat team.

  1. They want to know about what’s happening “back home.”

One of the main factors contributing to ex-pat failure—or unsuccessful repatriation after the assignment—is that ex-pats lose interest in events outside of their own, frequently isolating, ex-pat experience. One of your main duties is to make sure that:

• They are aware of what is happening throughout the company.
• They are aware of their place within the higher activity.
• They are prepared for repatriation.
• They feel less lonely and will feel more appreciated.
• They want the administrative issues resolved.

  1. They want the administrative issues solved and cleared.

Although assisting ex-pats with the technicalities and paperwork of a global assignment may not be the most glamorous of a global mobility department’s duty, it is crucial for two reasons: (1) if an ex-pat is burdened with details, they will be less efficient at the job they have been sent out to complete, and (2), they are simply not very good at it.

In contrast, a well-trained global mobility department acquires knowledge of the different requirements over time, for instance, how to arrange for working visas and get family pets through quarantine. They should take care of it on the ex-pat’s behalf.

  1. They need a clear contract

The ex-pat will be interested in learning what is required of them and what they receive in return. Although you might not be the one to negotiate the package, it will be crucial that you understand it and can manage requests and questions. Before leaving, make sure everything is understood by speaking to ex-pats, including the charges that are covered, the allowances that must be made and why, and any possible exceptions.

Comparing ex-patriates to one another is a constant problem with international assignments. Why don’t I receive the same package as last year? Why did he upgrade his living space? Why am I responsible for this cost when others weren’t? Your knowledge of the distinctions between tasks (and consequently allowances) will be a crucial ability because you will be involved in numerous international assignments.

  1. They are curious about what comes next.

This is essential, but your ex-pats won’t likely understand how significant it is until their assignment is about to expire. The issues that arise with repatriation and the common “reverse cultural shock” that goes along with it are well known.

You should keep lines of communication open from your perspective. The placement of returning ex-pats should be a priority for the HR department, and you should make sure the ex-pat is aware of the necessity to plan the job they will have when they return home. Even while planning their next career move may not be directly in your purview, it will still be of great assistance to them if you can get the ball rolling.

  1. They want to know that you are there to support them.

Unexpected events always happen, that much is certain. For your ex-pats, things won’t always go as planned, and that’s when they might need you the most. The thought that someone back on the mother ship is watching out for them is tremendously comforting, whether it be a social or cultural issue that catches them off guard, problems at work, unanticipated charges, or contract queries. In dire circumstances, you can even be called to assist with health or security difficulties.

If they are happy, you are happy.

Understand that a foreign assignment can be very stressful, especially in the beginning when ex-pats are adjusting to their new environment. The main problem is once again communication. Remain in contact with them to reassure them that you are available at all times.

Even though you may live far from the foreigners you oversee, you still have a crucial role to play in guaranteeing the success of international assignments. If you adhere to our recommendations, the achievement of your ex-pats will speak well of you.

Bonus tips:

Here are extra ways to help your global workforce.

• Education and training: Ex-pats may need assistance with learning the language, culture, and business etiquette of their host country. They may also benefit from coaching and mentoring programs to develop their skills and career prospects.
• Relocation and housing: Ex-pats may need help with finding suitable accommodation, arranging transportation, shipping their belongings, and settling in their new location. They may also appreciate guidance on local laws, taxes, banking, and healthcare.
• Family and social support: Ex-pats may need help with finding schools, childcare, and activities for their children, as well as spousal support and employment opportunities for their partners. They may also need help with building a social network and coping with culture shock and homesickness.
• Remote work and flexibility: Ex-pats may need help with adapting to new working arrangements, such as working from home, working across different time zones, and using digital tools and platforms. They may also value having more autonomy, creativity, and self-fulfillment in their work.
• Travel and insurance: Ex-pats may need help with obtaining visas, work permits, and travel documents. They may also need comprehensive health insurance, travel insurance, and emergency assistance to cover any risks or contingencies while working abroad.

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