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School Search in Oman: A Guide for Families Moving to the Sultanate

Schooling of children is a concern for many who wish to relocate to a new country. This concern is heightened when moving to a country like Oman where children are mostly taught in Arabic.  The educational milieu of Oman has witnessed considerable progress in recent years. This is because of the resources that are funneled to build a robust educational system. This appears to be beneficial for the children of Oman for a scheme of free education till secondary schooling. 

Expats who relocate to Oman will not benefit from such resources. Here we will look at a guide to navigate Omani schooling for expats.

Public versus Private Schools

Public schools are organized into three levels according to grades, which are 1 to 4, 5 to 10, and 11 to 12. Secondary schooling which covers grades 11 and 12 offers advanced learning plans. This enables students to go for core specialization or vocational training after 10th grade. As this system offers learning in Arabic only expats are forced to go to private schools. Among private schools, there are private bilingual schools and international schools. Most expats opt for international school. These schools are expensive. But given the amenities provided here, it is worth investing in these schools for your children. Various international moving companies who arrange schooling for expats also prefer these private schools.

Curriculum choices

The Islamic curriculum of public schools usually doesn’t find expatriate enrolment. Relocation companies in Oman with an eye for the best schooling curriculum often choose the English National Curriculum, the American Curriculum, and the International Baccalaureate Curriculum. These are followed by schools such as the British School Muscat, the American British Academy, and the American International School of Muscat. Such curriculums followed by international private schools often come with higher standards of education. International movers Oman who work to arrange better schooling for expats often prefer this educational plan of action.

Nursery schools 

Some schools offer nursery facilities. But it is better to go for independent nurseries for they provide flexible timing. For example, you can opt to send your kids only particular days in a week. Your choice of nurseries should also factor in the curriculum, facilities, and health and well-being of your children. It will not harm to do a brief research on the history of the nurseries. Other factors that you can consider include the proximity of the nursery between your home and workplace. 

Special Schools

Most international moving companies face a hard time finding appropriate schools that cater to children who need special care. Autism, Dyslexia, and other behavioral problems like hyperactive disorder might restrain your children from getting educated. Since they deserve to get socialized to cope with the real world, special schools that cater to their needs are important. Such infrastructure is in its growing stages in Oman. The public system doesn’t seem to offer any such service. International private schools do incorporate such needs within their educational framework. Since they have advanced facilities you can rely on them to offer inclusive solutions for your children. Other aspects of education that you can explore include homeschooling and private tuition. You must research existing laws in Oman regarding homeschooling. In the case of private tuition international moving companies stare at the dismal law restricting regular teachers from taking extra tuition. Online sources will be your only guide in such a situation.

Navigating the complexities of schooling for expats might appear to be a herculean task. But with the assistance of relocation companies in Oman you are privileged with a comprehensive service that includes the schooling arrangement of your kid. Being the best among international movers Oman we make the moving simple and stress-free.


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