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Moving to Kuwait? Five Things You Didn’t Think About!

Kuwait is a popular choice for new residents among expats due to its booming economy. The country has the sixth-largest oil reserves in the world, and exports of oil and petroleum-related products have increased its per capita income to that of one of the richest countries in the world. In Kuwait, the cost of living varies based on the lifestyle you want to adopt. For instance, while domestic goods and fuel are typically inexpensive, imported goods and technology may be expensive.

Expats frequently find that Kuwaiti society has a significant influence from Western traditions while being an Islamic country. Foreigners must always respect Arab culture by dressing modestly and avoiding public shows of affection, despite the fact that the country is not nearly as rigid as its neighbor country.

Since Muslims make up the majority of the population in Kuwait, Islam continues to have a big influence on daily life and most aspects of social life there. Everything from the regional cuisine to the colourful street wear reflects the cultural diversity of Kuwait’s immigrants.

The official language of Kuwait is Arabic; however English is also extensively used in commerce. Getting along with the natives shouldn’t be a difficulty for expats.

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Important Things To Know Prior Moving To Kuwait

● Regional Laws And Occasions

Kuwait is a generally peaceful country with a large expat population from Asia and the West. Every year a large number of immigrants come to Kuwait in the assistance of international movers in Kuwait. The truth is that, despite the fact that liquor and pig foods are illegal and exclusively available to certain groups of people. Although choosing what to wear is mostly a matter of personal taste, numerous Western women cover their shoulders when out in public to prevent negative publicity.

Despite this, women from other, more liberal Middle Eastern nations don’t seem to have any issues wearing scanty, form-fitting clothing. Naturally, beach attire is the standard in the beach clubs.

Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims, is marked by a strict fast from dawn to dusk. Food and drink consumption in public during these times is prohibited for non-Muslims. The exception is for children. The evenings of Ramadan are joyous, and dishes are served with regional cuisine. The city is bustling with activity, as shops and restaurants stay open late.

● Place To Live

There are many different types of accommodation, and looking for a place to live can be fascinating. Having effective communication skills is essential for this job. Although some landowners would prefer to leave a property vacant than jeopardize their image, others might reduce the rent to a more fair rate when faced with a prospective customer.

In Kuwait, renting a home is the most popular choice for foreigners. From spacious single family homes known as “villas” to capacious one-bedroom apartments in tower complexes, Kuwait boasts a wide range of rental properties. Most expats in Kuwait reside in apartments or colonies.

There are many facilities in Kuwait that particularly cater to the international community. Compounds can include both smaller apartment buildings and single-family residences. Depending on their size, colonies might have tennis courts, children’s playgrounds, restaurants, and even shops.

● Climate

Kuwait is situated at the farthest southern tip of the Persian Gulf. The state’s small size results in few significant environmental variations among its regions, and its climate is largely stable. Like other Middle Eastern countries, Kuwait experiences lengthy, sunny, dry summers and short, warm, sometimes rainy winters. Maximum temperatures during the summer can frequently reach 60°C. The best times to visit Kuwait are in February, March, and November, when the temperature ranges from 10°C to 20°C. Summertime humidity increases are usually always accompanied by dust storms.

● Purchase of a Used Vehicles in Kuwait

It is specifically forbidden for first-time foreign immigrants to buy used items while buying a car. The only individuals permitted to buy a used car are Kuwaitis. You should check your vehicle for traffic law compliance, especially in light of regional driving traditions.

A popular approach to buying the correct car is leasing or renting one from a nearby company. In light of this, you should steer clear of interacting with the headache of maintenance issues and dubious technicians in the nation.

● Cost of Living in Kuwait

If you are moving to Kuwait as an immigrant, be ready to utilize the most expensive currency. To put it another way, a lot of expats who wish to increase their income find Kuwait to be a very alluring location. Europeans must pay hefty living expenses there. The cost of white goods and gasoline, however, may be much higher than what an expat is accustomed to paying in their home country. The primary cost for many foreigners who want to reside in Kuwait would also be housing. Government subsidies for energy, gas, and water make the nation inexpensive and convenient for immigrants.

● Pet Ownership in Kuwait

A Kuwaiti qualified veterinarian must issue you a certificate stating that your pet is healthy enough to travel. Furthermore, it must have been at least thirty days since your pet obtained a vaccination against rabies. While preparing this paperwork, make sure you have an official import license from the Animal Health Department.

● Healthcare

Kuwaiti hospitals are regarded to provide care equivalent with hospitals in Western Europe and the United States. Kuwait’s excellent healthcare system and small population provide for almost minimal medical long waits, and the majority of patients receive a diagnosis within a few days. If your ailment was really serious, you could travel to a major hospital for just 10 KD, and they would give it to you free of charge after your inspections.


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