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Why Jordan is an Exciting Destination for Professional

Jordan, a small country with many UNESCO World Heritage sites, offers unlimited adventure. It’s wrongly linked together with regional conflict and neglected by cautious travellers. However, it’s a serene and pleasant place not to miss. Book your trip with Helpxpat Jordan, the top relocation services in Jorden pack your baggage, and read these Jordan travel tips for first-timers.

Navigating the Jordan Language and Culture: Tips for Integration and Communication

1. Jordan is safe to visit.

Jordan is the “quiet house in the noisy neighbourhood,” a welcoming refuge in a conflict-torn region. Hospitality rules and violent crime are rare, Law and Order Report rates Jordan among the top 10 countries for night time walking safety. Buying travel and health insurance, not carrying huge amounts of cash, and locking valuables in a safe should not make you afraid to visit Jordan.

2. Hospitality is ingrained.

Don’t believe the “Jordanian frown”. Although you may be welcomed with furrowed brows and unpleasant faces, you’ll soon realise that behind a scowling face is a fun-loving attitude and a Bedouin-rooted heritage of hospitality. Shopkeepers and strangers often invite you to tea or dinner. Locals say “Ahlan wa sahlan'” (welcome). Where are you from? Welcome to Jordan.”

3. When greeting, follow their lead.

Same-gender people shake hands, hug, and kiss each other on the cheek. However, shaking hands or hugging may leave you hanging. Except for blood relatives, some Muslims will not touch persons of a different gender out of respect for their faith and marriage. Be receptive to understanding local culture and don’t take it personally. When greeting someone, stand, say hi, smile, and let them lead. If they hug or hold hands, do the same. Instead of reaching out, they acknowledge you by keeping their hands at their sides or right hand over their heart.

4. Not all Jordan is hot and sunny.

Jordan is often misunderstood as hot, dry, and sunny. Visiting between May and September may be true, however, Jordan has a winter season. From November through February, the country gets a lot of rain, sleet, hail, and cold. When travelling from mid-October to mid-March, take a waterproof jacket and warm layers and monitor the weather as temperatures can range from single digits Celsius to freezing (32ºF). Flash floods are perilous, and Petra closes in bad weather.

5. Alcohol is legal but substantially taxed.

In Christian communities like Madaba and Fuheis (where you’ll find Carakale, Jordan’s first and only craft beer microbrewery), you can find alcohol at restaurants, bars, and liquor stores for sundowners. St George and Jordan River also make wine in the region, however, wine is expensive due to taxes.

Muslim-owned buildings and Islamic holidays may affect alcohol availability. Except for few high-end hotels, it’s prohibited to sell alcohol in the country during Ramadan, and most camps in Wadi Rum don’t serve alcohol (although you can bring your own). Call ahead to check availability and limits, and drink moderately to respect your hosts.

6. Dress nicely.

Jordan is Muslim-majority, yet Christians, Jews, and other faiths live harmoniously. There is no rule requiring women to wear hijab, but they should dress appropriately and avoid low-cut and shoulder-baring shirts, short skirts, and shorts. Men and women must cover knees and shoulders in places of worship, while women must cover hair, chest, and neck.

Jordanians are image-conscious and well-dressed, so covering up doesn’t mean dressing down. In Amman, several restaurants have a formal dress code. Remember that when packing your suitcase and feel free to show off your style (respectfully) in the capital.

7. Smoking shisha and cigarettes is common.

Despite alcohol shortages, argeeleh (shisha) is abundant. For better or worse, shisha smoking is a national hobby, and argeeleh cafes are everywhere. Most restaurants, cafes, hotels, houses, stores, taxis, and hair salons allow cigarette smoking. Smokers will be in excellent company in Jordan, while nonsmokers and those with health issues may struggle. Ask about non-smoking accommodations, tours, restaurants, and transportation with the help of International movers in Jordan.

8. Bring a reusable filtration water bottle.

Jordan lacks environmental education and recycling infrastructure, and tap water is unfit for consumption. Sadly, plastics and other trash clutter the beautiful scenery. Feynan Ecolodge, the Jordan Trail, and Eco Hikers are teaching and inspiring people and visitors about the environment. Travellers to Jordan can help by patronising these eco-friendly businesses and bringing their own GRAYL filter water bottle and cutlery.

9. Jordan shows that large things are small.

Jordan is smaller than Portugal or Maine, but it has unlimited adventure, ancient history and culture, environmental reserves, and community-based immersive experiences (Baraka Destinations, Engaging Cultures, and Experience). Jordan) and five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Petra and Wadi Rum’s vast deserts and towering rocks.

If you can get a visa on arrival in Jordan, buy the Jordan Pass to visit Petra, Wadi Rum, the Temple of Hercules in Amman, Jerash’s Roman ruins, and Ajloun Castle. Though small, Jordan has varied topography, bad roads, and traffic that can delay your plans. Plan ahead and don’t schedule everything because travelling to sites may take longer than expected. Allow time for surprises and immerse yourself.

10. Jordan will win your heart.

Perhaps you will fall asleep under a blanket of stars or marvel at massive antique stones. Or maybe it will hit you when you reach the top of a mountain and see the view, far from the city. The laughs and stories with your new Bedouin buddies maybe it—the taste of campfire-brewed sage-sugar tea. Your hosts may make mansaf, the Jordanian national dish of lamb, rice, and yoghurt sauce, with affection and serve it with your hands. It may be hearing the muezzin’s call to prayer while seeing birds dive and swoop against a sunset sky.

International movers in Jordan will help you in any kind of relocation. Jordan’s magic will invade your soul at some point, maybe many times. Jordan will embrace, challenge, and possibly alter you. You’ll start planning your next trip before finishing the first. So now start your journey with Helpxpat Jordan, the top relocation services in Jorden.


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