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Some Important Advice for New Expats in Jordan

Do you intend to relocate to Jordan? Perhaps you currently reside in Jordan. As relocating to Jordan is not always straightforward, particularly for those relocating from another nation, concentrate on the preliminary stages with the help of international movers Jordan. This will hopefully assist you in your decision-making process and during the initial weeks following your arrival. A SIM card is the first item you will require upon relocating to Jordan. Possessing a phone and utilising it to make contacts and access the internet are both vital. Note that official postal mail is not utilised for any purpose in Jordan. Almost everything is coordinated via your mobile phone number.

The way of life in Jordan

Jordan, a captivating Arab kingdom with a populace exceeding 6.5 million, is renowned for its Petra, a rock-cut city with historical significance and recognition as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Education in Jordan

Particularly exceptional in quality is the education provided by Jordan’s international institutions, which are frequently ranked among the finest in the Arab world. According to the relocation services Jordan, The American Community School, the Asamiah International School, and the Canadian International School are among the establishments most suitable for expatriates. The private education sector in Jordan is encumbered with a substantial tax burden, with tuition fees varying between $1,000 and $7,000. Students are required to enrol in Islamic studies, excluding those who identify as Christians.

The university system in Jordan is notably comprehensive, with the University of Jordan, situated in Amman, serving as the preeminent institution. Additionally, with the help of the best relocation companies in Jordan Western universities can be found, such as the American Middle East University. Unsurprisingly, the majority of higher education institutions in the country are situated in Amman, the capital city.

Transportation within Jordan

Taxis are the most efficient mode of transportation in Jordanian communities, including Amman. Utilise either a private yellow taxi or the nation’s one-of-a-kind service taxis. Like buses that have a reduced number of seats, these taxis adhere to a predetermined route and have a specific ultimate destination in mind. Simply request to exit as your stop approaches. In order to explore additional cities like Aqaba or visit tourist attractions such as Petra, it is advisable to make advance reservations for JETT buses with the help of relocation services Jordan.

Security and Protection in Jordan

When compared to certain neighbouring countries, the level of safety in Jordan is comparatively low. Consequently, demonstrations, typically in opposition to developments in Gaza or the West Bank, are not uncommon. Typically, these demonstrations occur on Fridays. Night time safety concerns are marginally greater, and regions beyond Amman ought to be circumvented. In general, nevertheless, a small amount of common sense will almost certainly avert any complications. Stay informed about current events and any organised protests with the help of the best relocation companies in Jordan.

Certain Jordanian border passages are frequently declared closed. Additionally, a substantial law enforcement presence will be observed in the vicinity of the borders of Syria and Iraq as a result of the ongoing conflicts in these two nations.

Crime in Jordan is not a significant concern, similar to the majority of Arab kingdoms, due to the stringent legislation that is enforced. Placing a little bit of common sense while residing in Jordan would be extremely beneficial, given the exceedingly low incidence of serious offences like homicide; pickpocketing and other minor infractions are the most prevalent. In the event of an emergency, dial 191 to reach the police department, 199 to reach the fire department, and 193/199 to reach medical emergency services.

Although it exhibits a greater degree of progressiveness in comparison to other Middle Eastern nations, at its core it continues to be a conservative Muslim state. Uncomplicated provisions, such as the liberty to don shorts, that may be regarded as standard in one’s country of origin, are deemed impermissible in Jordan. While homosexuality is not outright prohibited in the nation, openly LGBT people face significant discrimination and a generally negative reception.

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