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Language Learning Tips for Expats: Mastering the Basics Before Arrival in Jordan

Jordan is a culturally diverse country which shares land boundaries with Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Most international movers Jordan gets attracted by its friendly culture which is predominantly based on Arabic as well as Islamic elements.

With Jordan River on the west and being located on the rocky deserts its tourist locations are marvellous with many desert castles.

With such a hospitable environment to emigrate relocation services Jordan is receiving many queries on the necessity of learning Arabic from those who desire to find a living at Jordan.

Best relocation companies in Jordan like HelpXpat Jordan suggest that learning Arabic will be really helpful if you wish to settle at Jordan. Being the official as well as most popular language it will be in your best interest if you wish to merge with the cultural landscape of Jordan, to learn Arabic properly.

‘’Marhaba’’ means hello. Have you heard of that before? What will you say in return if someone uttered that word to you?

You should look at a mirror in such occasions to catch a glimpse of your perplexed look.

Let us try further to get an idea on the importance of Arabic in Jordan often highlighted by relocation services Jordan:

Official Language of Jordan

As a resident of any place, especially if you wish to permanently settle their, you might have to engage with the officials in place and abide by the rules and regulations. In a country who give utmost preference to their native language even if you know English it will be a secondary language without much relevance. So international movers Jordan are advised to learn the native language which is Arabic.

Hospitality and acquaintance

Best relocation companies in Jordan will go on a rhetoric about the importance of hospitality and affection by the Jordanians. What if we give remorse glances in return.  Relocation services Jordan re-asserts the importance of learning Arabic for the international movers Jordan.

Navigation and Communication

It is highly unlikely that a guide of tourist location be familiar with the western language. So relocation services Jordan warn expats on the importance of Arabic in Jordan.

How to learn Arabic?

In the following sections let us go through some practical ways to learn Arabic.

Basic Phrases and Greetings

You can find basic phrases and greetings on the internet like the word ‘Marhaba’. International movers Jordan are required to at least learn these basics before relocating.

Search for teachers on You Tube        

These days everything is available on You Tube. Try to find some help online, says best relocation companies in Jordan.

Google translator

Google as well as Chat GPT are sources to ask for help online. Learning languages by conversing with Chat GPT is a novel technique to learn fast. You just need a google account to register for Open AI like Chat GPT.

Online tutors

International movers Jordan might find it perplexing to hear different dialects of Arabic. So please identify the location to which you want to be relocated and find the local Arabic version of that location. You can find an online tutor from that location.

Try conversing

Conversations help you learn a language better. So try conversing Arabic with your family.

Set Goals

Learning a language like any other task is challenging. Try to set goals to be consistent in meeting deadlines.


Reading Arabic language will help you to read directions in public places. Also it is a recommended solution by relocation services Jordan.

While these strategies might help you learn Arabic on your own to some extent, you might find it challenging to adapt to the local dialects of Arabic on your way to be an expert speaker, says prominent relocation services Jordan.International movers Jordan is advised by the best relocation companies in Jordan to make your best efforts in learning Arabic so that you’ll find yourself at home in Jordan.


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