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Relocation is Simple for Indians in these Countries

Migration is one of the most important decisions you make in life. The decision to migrate can change your life forever, and can be an exciting prospect. However, once you get down to the brass tacks, the hurdles present themselves. And you need to consider a lot of things when you have a family to relocate as well: safety, schools, neighbourhood, affordability, liveability and so on. This is where the best relocation companies in India can guide you.

Several countries in the world allow migration, and this changes from country to country. The laws are lenient in some, while some make it hard for the people to settle even though they allow migration. The migration laws allow people that relocate residency status or nationality status. The relocation companies in India will have full knowledge of these laws, and can guide you well.

If you are living in India, it might help to know which country allows for easier migration. So if you are planning to relocate, one of these countries would be a good choice. Discuss with HelpXpat, one of the best relocation companies in India to know which would be perfect for from these:


Canada is often the first choice among people because of the flexibility in obtaining visas, work and study permits. The welcoming mentality of the Canadian immigration authorities also helped a lot.


Australia is a sought after destination for students because there are many top destinations in the country. The residents are friendly, the climate is favourable, there are plenty of excellent places to explore and the country offers excellent employment opportunities and medical services.

New Zealand

New Zealand, the land of clouds, is another favoured destination for people migrating from India. There are excellent opportunities for work and study for residents and it’s easier to get visas too.


Malta is a very affordable place for people who wish to settle in a different country other than theirs. The country is expat-friendly and offers dual citizenship. The healthcare system is excellent as well.


The strong cultural connection the UK has with India makes it a great place to migrate too. The education system is one of the most advanced and well-developed ones in the whole world. However, presently, there is no residency-by-investment program.


Portugal has a very welcoming nature for the expats, and its excellent standard of living and low living rates have attracted many people to this country. The healthcare system and the education system are also excellent.


If you are looking to relocate and start a new business in a new country, then Spain is a good option. The country offers Golden Visa for those interested in investing in real estate. The best relocation companies in India can show you with prospective areas where you can purchase land.


The destinations mentioned above are great with excellent job prospects. They also have excellent universities should you want to send your children to courses they’ve been dreaming for. With international relocation services India, you can make your dream come true and start a new life abroad. The relocation companies in India can help with your paperwork, give you tips on how to start a new life abroad, and ease up the neighbourhood search and get you settled in the new country. With their knowledge and expertise, the whole process looks a lot easier than doing it all on your own or hiring people with no expertise at all.


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