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How To Move Your Belongings Safely From India To USA

Every year, a huge number of people relocate from India to the USA, and for many of them, the very thought of moving their belongings and safety goods trigger horrifying dreams. There is no need to be so worried when you have the best relocation companies in India guiding every step of your move. Whether it is for work, study or to start a business and settling down, you can make your relocation a smooth and hassle-free process by going about it the right way. This blog aims to familiarise you with the different aspects of moving so the entire process can be smooth and uneventful for you.

Choosing the best relocation companies in india

It is very important to hire international relocation services in India well in advance, especially when you are moving abroad. There is a lot of planning to do so you need to inform them about a month in advance, so all the points in your checklist can be covered in detail. They would advise you on the do’s and don’ts of packing and moving.

The relocation company can help with choosing the right mode of transport

It is important to determine the mode of transport for the majority of your belongings. Some people prefer to transport their luggage through air transport, and some through sea freight.

Each comes with their own sets of pros and cons, so you can discuss the details with the best relocation companies in India, and choose the best option out of them. For example, sea freight charges are several times cheaper than flight charges but the downside is that the former take time to reach. But the success rate of reaching the destination on time is really great.

On a plane, the charges are much higher, but you will definitely get your belongings much faster. And the success rate is also at the top.

But then of course, nobody can predict things like:

● Natural disasters
● Health crisis
● Route blocks
● Unfavourable weather conditions

Clearing the customs at the US border

Custom clearance is another aspect where the best relocation companies in India can help you with. There are some forms that you have to fill out, like the form 6059B where you will be listing out all the possessions that you will be carrying with you, and form 3299 for all that you are shipping. The relocation companies will provide advice on how you need to pack them, prove your ownership for certain goods like camera, camera equipment, jewellery etc.

The rate would also depend on the shipping container. For example, if you are using the entire container, it would be more expensive (with a Full Container Load or FCL), when compared to Less than Container Load or LCL.

Then comes the shipping of your car. The international relocation services India can also help with that, but it definitely isn’t cheaper. The transport is done via airfreight, and it is a pretty straightforward method. But there are some cars that cannot be transported, and certain musical instruments too.


Once the belongings are shipped from India to the US, you will need storage in the destination country, since you will need to hold your stuff for a while. There is also some amount of tax involved in the belongings, so be prepared for that as well.


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