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10 Tips For Shipping Your Belongings Safely To Your New Home

Relocation is still an option open to individuals, couples, and families who are seeking new social experiences, better business and career opportunities, or who simply want to get away from certain unfavourable aspects of a specific location, such as poor security or moral and environmental degradation.

Being one of the best relocation companies in India, here we have listed some of the tips that you can follow to make your relocation easier.

  1. Create a Moving Checklist and Budget

Create a timeline for your moving checklist before anything else. Depending on how much warning is given prior to the move, each person’s timeframe will appear different.

Some individuals may have two months, while others may only have two weeks. Include a reasonable relocation budget next. You can maintain control of the situation as it develops by visually planning your action.

  1. Try Hiring Professional Movers

It can make sense to hire relocation companies in India if you don’t have access to willing family and friends or if you’re moving out of the country. They can be well worth the extra expense given how much effort they relieve you of during this difficult period.

If you choose the proper firm, hiring professional movers may be a terrific experience. Before agreeing to a contract, don’t be scared to inquire. Your peace of mind will increase as moving day draws near thanks to your diligence.

  1. Pack Less but Invest in Quality Moving Boxes

Making sure you don’t transfer anything you no longer need is an important packing tip. Before you start packing, organise your space by deciding what to throw, keep, sell, or donate. This will reduce your stress and workload. Get rid of any furniture that won’t fit or that you know you won’t use after taking measurements for your new home.

It’s tempting to visit your neighbourhood store in an effort to obtain some boxes for nothing. However, moving boxes are reasonably priced, and the extra durability may wind up being worthwhile.

  1. Give Different Color Boxes for Each Room

Print out multicoloured packing labels or use various coloured masking tape to give each room its own colour to stay organised. Each box’s contents should be listed along with the room it belongs in.

Then, in your new home, mark room entrances with colourful tape. Movers can save a tonne of time by using this moving trick. They can simply match colours without of having to read the label directly or play the room guessing game.

  1. Use Plastic Wrap and Straws

Carefully clean up anything that might leak. A shampoo bottle, for example, that appears to be tightly sealed outside of a box, can somehow miraculously figure out a way to spill over all of your other possessions. In this instance, keep dry things and any toiletries apart from one another. Additionally, think about adding a second seal between the bottle and the lid with plastic wrap.

Take particular care on these items to prevent jewellery from being tangled, twisted, or broken. To prevent the chain from tangling, pass your necklaces through straws or lay them flat on a small towel and coil it up.

  1. Clean As You Pack

When you move into your lovely new house, cleaning will be the last thing on your mind as you or your movers carry everything in. They’ll ask you where you want your bookcases to be placed while you’re occupied trying to remove years’ worth of dust that you might have cleaned up before you left your previous residence. When moving day arrives, your future self will appreciate your cleanliness as you go.

In addition, it’s likely that you’ll be exhausted when you arrive at your destination, and moving clean furniture into a fresh, clean room will make you happier. At least treat yourself to that.

  1. Save Your Necessary Items in a First Night Box

Similar to packing for a trip, save the goods you believe to be most delicate or those you will need as soon as possible after moving into your new home and place them in a “first night” box. Although we have already mentioned this advice, its significance cannot be overstated.

Put everything you’ll need right away in the “first night” box, such as items you don’t want to pack in a suitcase or carry-all, a toolkit for putting together furniture or hanging art, or kitchen staples like your coffee machine. Oh, and have some toilet paper in your bag or put it in the same box as your bag.

  1. Take all Your Documents With You

Birth certificates, passports, bank statements, etc. are examples of them. If all of your papers will fit in a single box, load it into your car after packing it.

Depending on your demands, you might need to think about using a professional removals company’s packing and business removal services if you own your own home business or have a private practise. Remember that these services are typically insured.

  1. Use Plastic Bags for Spillable Items

It’s recommended to pack only the necessities when it comes to toiletries and detergents in order to minimise the amount of liquids you need to bring. Get some plastic bags and a strong box. Remove the caps from the bottles.

After that, cover the neck of each bottle with a plastic bag and tighten the caps. The bottle should ideally fit completely inside the plastic bag. Use Scotch packaging tape to tie or zip the bag closed. In this manner, the contents of your bottle will stay in the plastic bag even if it is mistakenly opened.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Pets

If you’ve had pets for a long, you’re aware of the impact that significant changes may have on them. Some people get quite worried, while others could become incredibly lazy.

It depends on the animal. However, there are strategies to meet their requirements during the move process and lessen stress in general. Allowing your pet to become familiar with all the packaging materials is one method to achieve this.

Make Relocation Easier with HelpXpat

Any situation can benefit from and be accommodated by all of these strategies. Moving involves planning and ingenuity, and it will never be simple, whether you are switching cities or states. But with these tips, it will unquestionably be much more structured and effective.

Looking for relocation companies in India? You may relocate locally, distantly, or internationally. Every single one of these move types has certain challenges. Contact a reputable moving company for assistance if you are too busy at work or for any personal reason can’t put your all into the process.

The HelpXpat team is confident in our ability to be one of the relocation companies in India and provide all of your possessions with the proper care.


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