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The Basics of French Customs for Trouble-Free Travel

Planning to shift to France can be made easy with the help of international movers France. This is because being a new country, the customs, rules and rituals will also be quite different. If you are aware of them, then you can relocate to the country smoothly, and have no trouble with the authorities.

Your international movers France can help you with the following aspects of move

  • Saving time and money

Contrary to what people believe hiring relocation companies Bahrain not only saves time, you save money too. You will not have to do any of the complex processes yourself, doing and sometimes, redoing it because you got it all wrong the first time. With international moving companies France, the challenging paperwork, visa application and documentation will all be done correctly and precisely.

Your international movers France would be able to guide you through the rules. Nevertheless it would be helpful to know some of the French customs so you can have a seamless transition.

  • Declaration of money

If you are carrying a large sum of money then you need to declare that. The sum could be equal to or greater than ten thousand pounds. You will have to declare the following: travellers cheques, bearer cheques, money orders, growth bonds, bills of exchange and so on. The international moving companies France would be able to expand on this, and explain what you need to declare.

  • Moving your pets and animal based products

There are some mandatory health inspections that you need to do when you move your pets through the customs and into the new country. The vaccinations and the health checks, microchips and all have to be followed diligently.

  • Meat and certain food products

The French customs would not let you enter the country with meat products and certain plant products, so be aware of what those are before you pack and start your journey.

  • Identity papers

You need to have a valid identity card and passport to enter France. Some countries require a visa before entering France, so your representative from the international moving companies France can help you there.

  • Learn basic French to blend in

It would be of great help if you learn a bit of French before moving in. Just the common greetings would be enough. For example, bonjour (good morning), bonsoir (good evening), au revoir (good bye), merci (thank you). The relocation companies in France can guide on what all words you need to master before the move.

  • No face hiding in public

According to the French law, you are not supposed to hide your face in public, and if you do or force someone to hide their face, including with balaclavas and full veils, then it is punishable, and you will have to pay hefty fines.

Following the rules would help you get through the heightened custom checks while entering and leaving France. The representatives from the international movers France can give you more information regarding this.  This is all as part of the strict measure to bolster the security of the EU countries and their citizens, and this is also applicable to people who arrive and leave from non-Schengen countries. Also, remember that the rules differ when you move from a member state and a non-member state.


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