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Some Important Packing Ideas for International Moves

Are you looking for some helpful moving ideas for packing up your belongings? With international movers in France here are the best moving packing tips and tricks, you can make the process simpler for yourself and make the most of the space and weight allowance you have.

Some tips for packing

Pack essentials last

This seems basic, but if you’re anxious about packing, you may forget: pack your essentials last. This implies you can access them before moving. You’ll locate them easily when you arrive with the help of relocation companies in France.

Spread weight

Moving boxes don’t have to be packed individually. Fill a few, putting heavy objects at the bottom and lighter ones on top.

Remember that you or a mover must pick up the package. Be aware of box weight limits from most moving firms. Limits don’t simply affect packing. Overstuffed boxes can break, and you don’t want your valuables to pour out.

Wrap fragile goods in clothing

One of our favourite packing tips. Bubble wrap and crushed newspaper can be replaced with garments, pillowcases, or other materials. Pack delicate items alongside those you already have to save space and weight.

Roll your clothes

This is another space-saving packing tip. Rolling garments for moving is the most efficient. Tightly wrapped clothing is smaller than folded ones. They also have fewer wrinkles. Keeping your garments smooth in a shipping box is an advantage as they may be there for a while!

Complete all gaps

Packing shoes? Containers? Baskets? Fill vacant spaces to maximise space. Packing in your shoes is an excellent carry-on luggage hack. Tucking delicate goods like cologne bottles inside shoes can keep them from breaking.

Vacuum seal

Small items can be hoover packed to save space. Items are sealed against dampness and other harm. This is useful if you’re shipping products far or storing them.

Label and organise

Knowing where you place things simplifies life. Put labels on boxes. Like-for-like packing helps. Sometimes packing per room works, but it depends on the things’ weight and size. Create a system that balances practicality, but tracks what you put where so you can find it quickly. You’ll also know what you’ve packed in case you need to find it or aren’t sure if it’s in a box. Keep track with relocation companies in France.

Your carry-on allowance

Use your travel luggage allowance! Though you don’t want to overpack, you can still be selective about what you bring on the plane. This includes clothing. Wearing heavy garments saves space in your carry-on and shipping.

A moving checklist

Planning matters. Determine what you need, want, and when to pack. Packing is only part of moving abroad, so plan broadly. We’ve created moving checklists to help you prepare.

Find good storage

You may not want to accept everything, but you may not want to get rid of everything. Before shipping, you may like to explore your new house. You may wish to try your new location before committing.

Whether you’re renting a storage unit or using family or friends’ homes, pack and label everything. Security, humidity control, and dry storage are essential. If you want friends or relatives to post things when you arrive, offer directions and make it easy.

Do not take too many things

Even if you’re moving abroad permanently, you don’t need to bring everything. Most countries sell domestic goods, furniture, clothes, and entertainment. Larger things take up packing space and time. Being ruthless and practical helps with international movers France.

However, you may not want to leave with some favourites. Prioritising helps there. Determine your priorities. Choosing what to pack and leave behind may assist with our moving recommendations.

Know customs rules

Some items may be prohibited or require special permission to import if you’re moving abroad. Electronics are regulated and limited. Usually, everyday products are fine but check ahead of time.

You can definitely handle a minor move yourself, but it will be stressful. International moving companies France may be useful for larger migrations that need packing and delivering multiple boxes. They can assist you in finding the finest relocation package and provide packing and moving recommendations as professionals. International moving companies France listed our top consultant benefits here.


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