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Pitfalls and Potential Issues to be Noted Before Moving to France

Bienvenue en France! So if you are looking to start a new life in France, right? That’s a great place to move because it is a country that welcomes expats, and you will never be bored with nearby UK delights and other attractions that each city in France is famous for. The relocation companies in France would help you with the transition, shipping and other nuances involved with the move.

However, moving to France is not so easy because you have to be prepared, really prepared for what lies ahead. After all, it would not be the same as living in your own country. Check out this blog where we zero in on some of the issues you are likely to face, and how you can be better prepared. Once you follow them, it would be easier, provided you have the necessary documentation and paperwork.

Not learning the language

It is important to know the French language when you are moving there. English is not enough to get by; for tourists, it might be sufficient, but when you are a resident, things change, and the opportunities might get limited. It could be a challenge learning a new language when you are an adult, but it would be helpful for you when you live in France. You can learn French until you reach an intermediary level, and take on from there. Learning French will open many doors, work wise and career wise, so the better you learn the language, the better it would be for you. It would help you make friends at work, socialise in your neighbourhood and an added advantage for promotions.

The apartments do not all feature the Eiffel Tower

Your international movers France would help you find the best apartment and neighbourhood according to your budget. If you have been dreaming of a view of the Eiffel Tower, then you need to have a big budget for it, and even the funds to outbid other serious bidders. In real life, such apartments are owned by film stars and royalty so it would be advisable to move in for something cheaper, get settled to the new living style and then later consider the big budget apartments.

Now all properties may have the features you need

While relocation companies in France will help you buy the property, it is important to note that not all of them have elevators. If your elderly parents are accompanying you or if you are bringing your very young children, then you might need apartments with elevators in them. Similarly, the elevators must be big enough to fit strollers in. Many of the apartments do not have air conditioners in them, so that’s another thing to consider.

Not getting the right visa

This is another reason why you must fully entrust your visa and its paperwork to relocation companies in France. There are 27 different visas to enter France, and only about 5 of them allow you to start a company in the country. If you are planning to stay a year in France, getting a short-stay visa and then thinking of switching it into a long-stay visa could be the worst move ever.

The French bureaucracy is very strict

It is very important to have all the essential documents because the French bureaucracy is very unforgiving, and if you miss a document, you might have to go back to your country, and get it done. And you might have to wait longer for the French administration to complete the processing, so be prepared.

Consider these tips before you move to France, and you can slowly ease in and enjoy one of the loveliest places in the world.


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