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Moving to France? What Kind of Visa Do You Need?

France, a nation in western Europe, is regarded as the second-largest economy in the Eurozone. The official language of this country is French. The Euro is the official currency of this nation, and Catholics are the religion that is followed there. This stunning nation has a moderate climate that constantly changes in its north, south, east, and west areas. One of the most desired travel destinations worldwide has been France. You might be shocked to hear that France welcomes millions of tourists annually. Several beautiful locations beside the seashore will enchant you. This unique nation has a lot more to show, including a fantastic way of life, world-class cuisine, a thriving fashion sector, and so forth. It’s preferable to discover France on your own once you’ve moved there because our words won’t do it justice in describing what a fascinating country it is to be in front of you, and its beauty is beyond words to describe.

Helpxpat, among the top relocation companies in France, provides knowledgeable and competent assistance with all types of immigration services and visa services, such as work permits, business trip visas, and training permits. Our team manages every step of the moving procedure. The Helpxpat team, unlike other international companies in France, is enthusiastic, attentive, and available, working together with you to guarantee that immigration obligations are processed without difficulty. We make sure that our clients receive the services they were assured of and reach their goals and culture.

Why Do People Prefer To Relocate To France?

France is probably one of the most popular destinations for expats who desire to relocate their country relocation companies in France for a brighter life, more comfortable, and happier abroad. It offers a lot, such as breathtaking scenery, a delectable array of culinary pleasures, and a more laid-back schedule.

Here are some reasons for relocating to France.

  1. Living Costs Are Lower

Living costs in France are lower, including rent and also eating out, going out, and getting about town are also less expensive. Since last year, there has been a 3% decrease in the cost of living in France. The cost of living in France is around 5% less than in the United Kingdom.

  1. Affordable Healthcare System

People who are thinking of relocating to France through relocation companies in France will get the best medical facilities here. A large number of happy expats and families who use French medical services is a testament to their excellent caliber. French healthcare is partially supported by the public sector through workers who work in international companies in France and business taxes. A benefit of living in France is that expats can recoup 70% of their medical costs. And in the event of a longer-lasting illness, 100% of their expenses are covered. If there is a balance due, it should be covered by the patient’s private medical insurance.

  1. Balance Between Work & Life

The introduction of labor laws in France in recent years led to a more tolerant outlook toward work, with the result that the average workweek is now 35 hours in all local and international companies in France. Furthermore, any labor completed after 35 hours qualifies as overtime and demands reimbursement. Given the excellent 5 weeks of paid time off offered this year as well as the 13 bank holidays makes it a highly appealing location to work.

The French government succeeds at assisting struggling families because it has one of the most advanced benefit systems in the world. To keep up with their obligations and avoid falling behind on payments, some households receive up to 240 euros per month.

  1. Excellent Education

If you want to provide your children with the finest educational opportunity available, pick one of the top relocation companies in France and take all the necessary steps to move here. France ranks sixth globally for educational excellence, and its educational system is one of the greatest in the world. The French educational system is thus exceptional in that it is capable of handling all situations, whether your children are just starting in school or are looking at choices for higher study.

French primary schools operate under three separate systems. These include state-operated, free public universities that primarily teach in French and are run as public institutes of higher learning. Many schools are tuition-based and funded by the government; they are subject to the same laws and regulations as public schools, including the French Public Educational Plan.

  1. Divine Food

Food lovers will be in a foodie’s ecstasy in France because there is such a big selection of delicious, excellent foods there! In French cuisine, there is something for everyone. Every bakery sells recognizable baguettes, which go incredibly well with the wide variety of French cheeses. Whether you have a sweet tooth or a savory one, French food is widely available, so you will surely feel as though you’ve entered a gourmet paradise.

Many international companies in France offer affordable packages for hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy delectable cuisine.

  1. Wonderful Weather

France has a wonderful climate, the summers are hot and dry and the winters are cool and rainy. The average temperatures in France vary depending on altitude and distance from the coast. The north of France experiences milder winters and summers than the south. Due to its continuously pleasant weather, France attracts a lot of immigrants. Perfect for enjoying the beautiful beaches, dining outside, or taking walks across the countryside. This suggests that no matter the season, you may always visit a part of France with beautiful weather. You only need to contact Helpxpat which is one of the best relocation companies in France. We will help in all possible ways to visit France and take advantage of your tour.

  1. Rich In Heritage And Variety

France is a country with a rich history, culture, and variety. It is a nation with lovely people and a breathtaking environment. It has a lot to offer, from its thriving metropolis and charming towns to its stunning scenery.

French people are known for having kind personalities and a strong passion for exquisite food. The formation of the modern world has been influenced by well-known French writers, painters, and historians.

  1. The Fashion Sense Of France

One of France’s most well-known characteristics is its elite fashion scene, namely in Paris. Paris can be the ideal destination for you if you have a strong interest in style and clothing. Since France is regarded as the center and source of the most fashionable stores, fashion shows, and local fashion, it should come as no surprise to lovers of good and high-quality style that they relocate there. France is the country with the highest fame for its fashion industry and fashion shows. The biggest stars in the world are drawn to France.

Different Types Of Visa Needed To Relocate France

There are various types of visas required depending on the purpose of visiting France. You will need to apply for a different France Schengen Visa through the best relocation companies in France depending on whether you intend to travel there for a visit, engage in education or employment, or establish a permanent residence there.

Following are the different types of visas that one should be required to enter France:

Short-Stay French Visas

Foreign nationals may travel to and remain in France for up to three months with a short-stay visa. It may have a single entry for a single short stay or many entries for a series of subsequent brief visits. Along with travel and business, there are legitimate justifications for granting a Schengen short-stay visa for a shorter training course, an internship, or employment after acquiring a temporary work permit.

You can apply for this French visa online or at a French embassy or through relocation companies in France or your country. To ascertain your particular needs, see the French visa wizard before completing your application.

Temporary Long-Stay French Visas

French long-term temporary visas have a one-year maximum validity and are not renewed. Within three months of your arrival in France, you must validate this permit. After the validation procedure is finished, you are free to travel as you like across the Schengen Region as long as your permission is valid. It can be obtained by visiting the French embassy or by online. The relocation companies in France like Helpxpat also help you to get all the paperwork done quickly.

Long-Term French Visas

To apply for a residency visa that will allow visitors to remain in France for a particular amount of time, visitors from outside France can stay for up to three months with the support of a long-stay visa. Applications must be submitted by candidates at their home country’s embassy or The relocation companies in France like Helpxpat. In order to finish the visa application process, the visa authorities ask applicants to come in person. Making appointments and submitting applications are occasionally outsourced to relocation companies in France.

Work Visas

A work visa is a kind of authorization that allows an outsider to enter a nation and conduct business there for a specific amount of time. You are not permitted to work abroad until you can get a work visa. To grant a work visa, many nations have varied eligibility requirements and processes. Depending on the type of employment, the nature of the work permit may change; it may be issued on a temporary or permanent basis.

French employment visas fall into three categories:

● Short-stay work visas – valid for three months
● Temporary work visas – valid for three months to a year
● Long-stay work visas – multi-year visas, typically valid for 5–10 years and can be renewable

Study Visas

France is the nation for you if you’re looking to study in a multicultural environment with a stellar academic reputation. It is one of the most popular study destinations, thus it will be a hit with international students. This country offers a fantastic environment to all international students. If you have been accepted into a higher education program at a French university or educational institution, you can apply for a study visa through relocation companies in France. Your visa is valid for as long as you are enrolled in your academic program. This French visa allows you to work up to 964 hours a year, or roughly 60% of a typical work week. You can also get the opportunity to work with big international companies in France.

Family Visas

The France Family visa is a long-stay French visa that was designed to enable foreigners to travel to France to see their spouses, children, or parents for stays of more than 90 days and up to one year.

Our skilled and experienced visa and immigration advisors offer exceptional citizenship and immigration services to potential immigrants who seek to relocate to foreign nations. In terms of figuring out which options are ideal for you, we have quite a distinction as the top relocation companies in France. We make sure that our clients receive the services they were assured of and reach their goals. If you have any queries regarding immigration services, feel free to contact us 24/7 a week.


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