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Arrange Your Foreign Move With Helpxpat’s International Movers

Are you planning to move to a new country? If so, Help Xpat are there to assist you. We understand that moving to a new country can be exciting, but it can equally be daunting. That’s where relocation and moving companies help you. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition, it is essential to partner with one of the best reliable and experienced international moving companies in France. Helpxpat is one such top international movers in France. Read on to know the benefits of choosing Helpxpat for your international move and how we can assist you in relocating to France.

International movers in France like Help Xpat are companies that specialize in helping people relocate across borders. They offer a range of services to make your foreign move easier and more convenient. They can handle everything from packing your belongings, arranging transportation, clearing customs, delivering your items, and unpacking them at your new home.

How can Help Xpat assist you?

Help Xpat can assist you in various ways based on your needs and preferences. Some of the benefits of hiring Help Xpat are:

  • We can save you time and hassle by taking care of the details of your move.
  • We can provide you with professional advice and guidance on how to prepare for your move and what to expect in your new country.
  • We can ensure that your belongings are packed properly and securely to avoid damage or loss during transit.
  • We can help you comply with the rules and regulations of your origin and destination countries regarding customs, taxes, and documentation.
  • We can offer you insurance coverage for your belongings in case of any unforeseen events or accidents.
  • We can help you settle in your new home by providing you with additional services such as home search, school search, orientation tours, cultural training, and more.

Do we offer add-on packages?

Yes. We provide add-on packages to enhance your relocation experience. For example, we provide you a full suite of services for all your relocation needs. Apart from moving services, we also offer:

  • Flight booking and airport transfer
  • Temporary accommodation and home search
  • Attestation and legalization of documents
  • Employment visas and PRO services
  • Preview trips and orientation tours
  • School search and enrolment
  • Settling-in services and cultural training
  • Company set up and corporate event management

These add-on packages can help you save money and time by bundling different services together. We can also help you adjust to your new environment faster and easier.

How much will you charge?

The cost of hiring relocation companies in France like Help Xpat depends on various factors, such as:

  • The volume and weight of your belongings
  • The distance and mode of transportation
  • The origin and destination countries
  • The level and type of service
  • The season and demand

You can get in touch with us directly and ask for a free quote if you want a proper estimate of the cost, we will charge you. Moreover, you can compare different choices to select the one that best fits your needs and budget.

What are the things Help Xpat will move?

We move almost anything that you want to take with you to your new country. However, there are some exceptions and restrictions that you should be aware of. For example:

  • Some items may be prohibited or restricted by the customs authorities of your origin or destination countries. These may include weapons, drugs, alcohol, plants, animals, food, medicines, etc.
  • Some items may require special permits or licenses to be moved across borders. These may include artworks, antiques, musical instruments, etc.
  • Some items may be subject to taxes or duties when entering or leaving a country. These may include vehicles, electronics, jewelry, etc.

Please contact us by phone so that we can work with you to determine which objects can be moved and which cannot. This will help you move without issue or delay. Also, you must adhere to our recommendations for the proper labeling and packing of your items.

What are the documents required by Help Xpat?

Help Xpat will require some documents from you to process your move. These may include:

  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your visa or residence permit
  • A copy of your inventory list
  • A copy of your insurance policy
  • A copy of your contract or agreement with them

You may also need to provide other documents depending on the specific requirements of your origin or destination countries. For example:

  • A certificate of origin or export declaration
  • A bill of lading or air waybill
  • A customs declaration form
  • A power of attorney or authorization letter

You should prepare these documents in advance and keep them handy during your move. You should also make copies of them for your own records.

Do we provide customized packages?

Yes, we provide customized packages that can cater to your unique needs and preferences. This way you need to pay only for what we serve. For example:

  • You can choose the level of service that you want, such as full-service, partial-service, or self-service.
  • You can choose the mode of transportation that you prefer, such as air freight, sea freight, road freight, or rail freight.
  • You can choose the delivery option that suits you best, such as door-to-door, door-to-port, port-to-door, or port-to-port.
  • You can choose the additional services that you need, such as packing/unpacking, storage, cleaning, pet relocation, etc.

Feel free to call us to get a customized package from us based on your needs and we can work an estimate. We will then design a package that meets your expectations and goals.

To sum it up,

It can be challenging to relocate to a foreign country. But with international movers like Help Xpat can make it much simpler and easier and assure you smooth transition. As one of the top international moving companies in France, we provide you a full selection of moving services. Whether you are moving to France for employment, school, or personal reasons, Helpxpat can ease your relocation woes.

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