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An Expat’s Guide to Daily Life in Bahrain

Are you thinking about moving to Bahrain? If you are excited to discover various events with your friends and family, then Bahrain will be your finest option. The city of Bahrain is covered with islands in the east, North of Qatar, Bridges, causeways, desert vegetation, sand, camels, and date palms with a mild subtropical climate. Arabic is the native language used by the people in Bahrain. They have a majority of the Muslim population, with 70% Shia and 30% Sunni Muslims. Get connected with a beautiful community where you can find many ways for socialisation to build better relationships with new international friends. Create unforgettable memories with the person you love the most by capturing the real beauty of Bahrain cities. Bahrain will be your second home to visit! Helpxpat being an International moving company in Bahrain, helps you make a smooth relocation to Bahrain. Let us explore some facts about Bahrain to know their daily life.


Arabic is considered the official language of Bahrain, but most people use English for interactions where it is used as a compulsory second language in educational institutions. Many of the expats speak English to interact with their Bahraini friends.


The geographical structure of Bahrain covers over 30 uninhabited islands. Bridges and causeways connect the three main islands of Bahrain, Muharraq, and Sitra. A long drive across the Bahrain desert makes your heart fill with calm and complete joy.


Bahrain opens a wide variety of housing options like apartments, gated compounds, villas, and many exciting residence choices. Expats find it easy to reside in Bahrain with plenty of listed properties.

Health care

When it comes to health, it is highly important to have health insurance to balance expenses in health sectors. There are sufficient large private and public hospitals providing proper medical care to the expats and natives in Bahrain. They have professional medical experts who take serious concern for the health of their beloved patients.


Explore the life of Bahrain by travelling along to the different corners of the city. Bahrain expats usually use taxis and buses for their transportation purposes, whereas most of the western expats are more likely to use taxis for transport than taking the limited bus services out there, as it is one of their ancient and unpredictable ways of conveyance.

Being one of the finest destinations in the Middle Eastern countries, Bahrain will be your favourite place to live in. You might find it a little hard to tolerate heat, dust, and their cultures but after a few weeks Insha’Allah you will get connected and find it easiest to learn their way of living and overcome those setbacks. You will be less stressed by enjoying the beauty of their outdoor lifestyles, weekend exploration, pool parties, and a cluster of a few pure-hearted people who are making this place even more special. So, I hope this Bahrain guide helps you to know more about their culture and lifestyle. If you are excited to know more about Bahrain, get connected with us! Being an international moving company in Bahrain, we are here to help you out! We make your voyage a bit more pleasurable.


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