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How Can I Get My Family To The States? Planning For a Long Distance

Ready to begin your immigration journey to the US? And planning to move your family as well? If yes, then here’s what you need to know regarding your family’s move to the US. There are some really good relocation companies in USA that can make their move easier, so you will not have any confusion regarding the visa processing and immigration.

If you are immigrating to USA permanently, you need to have a green card, also known as immigrant visa or lawful permanent residence. With the green card in hand, you can eventually apply to US citizenship.

If you are already in the US, you can bring your spouse over, provided you have the H1B visa and your spouse can apply for it too. The spouse can get an H-4 visa, and this allows them to live, work or study in the US. You can bring children under 21, and apply for their H4 visa. Your spouse will have to fill a form known as DS-160 to apply for their H-4 visa, and once that’s done, there will be an interview with the local US consulate where they will have to submit the required documents, duly filled and verified.

Moving your family to the US

It would be a tough task to go through all of these alone, and seeking the professional services of international movers in USA will make things easier for you. The chances of rejection are much less. Moving your family to the US entails a waiting period, and it also depends on a number of factors like the country you are from, the relationship of that country with the US, and once all these are cleared, you will get into the waiting list. This wait list is really huge, but having the best relocation companies in USA would make things easier, with no mistakes in the process.

Fulfilling the legalities of moving your family to the US

There are some legalities involved in bringing your family to the US, and here are some of the steps involved in the process.

Your finances – Your financial status must be really good, because you will be the official financial sponsor when your family moves in.

Affidavit of Sponsorship – There is a form known as Form I-864 that proves that you are the financial sponsor and that you have the means to provide for your sponsor.

The documentation must be perfect – Any fraudulent documentation and the visa will be rejected, so make sure all the facts are correctly stated, and that you are not involved in any case, fraud etc. Wilful misinterpretation of facts and fraud commitment can permanently spoil your family’s chances of coming to the US.

Availing family-based green cards

If you are already a US citizen, your family can apply for the green card. Family includes spouses, children, widows/widowers, siblings and parents. The rules are different for green card holders and US citizens, as the latter has some limited privileges. Get in touch with your relocation expert to know more about this.


However, if you are in the US, that doesn’t mean your family members will get visas automatically. Everything has a process and a proper channel through which the documentation will be verified and approved. It is always best to hire relocation companies in USA to ensure the process goes smoothly, and you can cover all the bases to get your family to the country.


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